Our mail order bride has arrived!

The other day the office was really dirty and nobody felt like cleaning so we decided to get a mail order bride. We found out real quick that it wasn't cheap so we looked up a bargain mail order bride service. I am starting to realize why you pay good money for brides. Ours arrived in a box barely breathing. We spent the whole first day trying to revive her with no use. Now we have to send her back and wait for another one. Meanwhile the office is still a mess.

  • 4kinghell February 7, 2008

    Instructions: while still in box, pour over a large amount of human excrement, leaving the head clear for breathing purposes. Serve to asian woman, and prepare to be appauled

  • twistatoe February 7, 2008

    lol, super cute.

  • alanakbar February 7, 2008

    Wow. Your office looks pretty gay.

  • tigertiger February 7, 2008

    I would have passed her around the office before sending her back, Then I`m sure the warranty would be void.

    Dead or not I would have enjoyed her for a few minutes before Greg got to her because you know he would have blown his load in her ass!

    I would`nt be able to get off thinking to myself and laughing about his tiny dick. hehehe

  • snaggletooth February 7, 2008

    shoulda cut bigger air holes LOL

  • skoal36 February 7, 2008

    oh how sweet a dink dreaming of scat and piss, she looks so peaseful

  • havanutha February 7, 2008

    Son of a bitch! Now I have to find a new way to get rid of my dead hookers since everyone knows about the "mailing method" now.

  • 4kinghe1l February 7, 2008

    is da bitch gon

  • boneyak February 7, 2008

    Looks like they chose the discount funeral plan

  • gophkyrslf February 7, 2008

    comes with a side order shit as well!

  • peoplevshoople February 7, 2008

    take her out of the box,wind her up and fuck away!!

  • judasz February 7, 2008

    Thank you guys for the B-day present. I was going to order a solid silicon love doll but this is way better.

  • crocfuckmee February 7, 2008

    Santa got someones letter.

  • ramafistfadge February 7, 2008

    ahh.dont she look comfy..?

  • shimmery315 February 7, 2008

    it's the new and improved chink in a box! but wait...

  • ou8who February 8, 2008

    she has already been to the wedding, and the reception

  • snagqletooth February 8, 2008

    I want a big long black dick in my twat

  • 4kinghell February 8, 2008

    ^^really hoople?

  • bigstick February 8, 2008

    I wonder if she cums with batteries?

  • qtpye February 9, 2008

    That whore has a nasty big box.

  • thoward February 9, 2008

    send the bitch back its done gone bad

  • yortgnik February 10, 2008

    i'd hit it

  • fuckpig82 May 26, 2008

    poor little girl!

  • ladypleaser July 7, 2008

    you forgot something bud!

    AIRHOLES! haha

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