Our cuntry tis of thee

It seems like the political race has come down to choosing anyone who is not Hilary. You have to give the guy credit who made this funny shirt but last time I checked calling a woman a cunt is a good way to piss off any other woman within earshot. Unless they hate Hilary of course.

  • gophkyrslf February 14, 2008


  • taskellusaf February 14, 2008

    nice one! I should get a different shirt and put different womens faces of all the ones i dated.

  • 2indastink February 14, 2008

    ha ha ha.......your cuntry is well and truly fucked.......vote now-coon or a bitch you decide ROFLMFAOOOOOOOO!!!!!.....fucking hillarious.

  • judasz February 14, 2008

    Old. Oh and the picture is also old.

  • shimmery315 February 14, 2008

    that makes me happy...

  • skoal36 February 14, 2008

    the chick in the background has fatty arms

  • crocfuckmee February 14, 2008

    Say it with an English accent..

  • nudrop February 14, 2008

    I get it, however...

    I LOVE CUN TREE MUSIC so...the cunt aspect does not apply. Still funny shit though.

  • boneyak February 14, 2008

    When it comes down to it. John McCain will probably be the next one in the white house. In the mean time we can make fun of all of em. Fuck em all. I can't tell who to vote for these days.

  • ramafistfadge February 14, 2008

    ...eye love hilary bushes cleft..???????? no pass.

  • thoward February 14, 2008

    please dont give country music a bad name

  • godless1 February 14, 2008

    I was at a hockey game and they started looking for presidential candidate look-a-likes in the crowd, and Hilary is the only one that got booed.

  • skinafuckerrus February 16, 2008


  • teachdawg March 1, 2008

    That's fucking HILLARYous! Love it!

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