They took our joarbs!

I find all the complaints of immigration almost comedic considering the majority of the people who live in the U.S. also immigrated here. Believe it or not if everyone were to come back where they came from most of us would not be here.

  • shimmery315 March 3, 2008

    I dont give a shit who lives here just dont bitch about your ancestors working the fields or mowing the grass.

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  • 4kinghell March 3, 2008

    Why would anyone listen to what a ginger cunt has to say?

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  • unthuged March 3, 2008

    a black dude, a mexican, an indian and a redneck...all live in walking distance?! yeaa right!

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  • ramafistfadge March 3, 2008

    its strawberry blond! are you colour blind?? :)

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  • cuda1179 March 3, 2008

    Well, the saying is "I came, I saw, I concuered". Not "I came, I concuered, I felt bad about it." Tell the indians to get back in the casino and put down the whiskey bottle.

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  • copenhagenman March 3, 2008

    ditto shimmery315 plus...DON'T FUCK WITH ME!!!!

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  • havanutha March 3, 2008

    "Go back to your designated area set aside by our wonderful government."

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  • judasz March 3, 2008

    OLD SCHOOL. Still Shit.

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  • skinafuckerrus March 3, 2008


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  • seanyboy March 3, 2008

    GO BACK TO PAKISTAN.........!

    i dont care im tired!

    I quit.

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  • boneyak March 4, 2008

    unthuged wrote:

    a black dude, a mexican, an indian and a redneck...all live in walking distance?! yeaa right! (reply) That could definitly happen here where I live

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  • peach_eater March 4, 2008

    Good one, havanutha. Here where I live, if those dirty injuns would just stay in their "designated area", life would be soooo much better.

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  • rodeye2 March 4, 2008

    sellect the right picture:the middle one

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  • thoward March 5, 2008

    damn straight kill whitey

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  • fox1974 March 5, 2008

    Immigration is not the problem DUMB ASS. The problem is the ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. All these wetbacks who come over against the law, who choose to ignore the laws of the United States, then have the nerve to DEMAND rights and priveleges. Anybody who wants to come over do so the legal way. If you come over illegally FUCK YOU ASS HOLES... We are sick of paying for your health care and sick of paying for your kids education. Get the fuck back on your side of the fence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • crusaderrabbit March 8, 2008

    "the majority of the people who live in the U.S. also immigrated here." WTF? You must be a product of public schooling, Greg, to come up with a gem like that.

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  • turkturkturk March 9, 2008

    my family came here legally thank you...

    as a san diego resident, i can tell you that illegal immigration is a fucking plague that is getting schools and hospitals shut down because they can't afford to give away all this free shit to fuckers that are here illegally and don't pay back into the system. it's fucked. the cartoon isn't even funny...

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  • unholy_shit March 15, 2008

    y'all got some valid points... naw. not 4real. who gives a fuck!

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  • crazyboss April 10, 2008

    i thought cowboys took care of all that shit long time ago...what..wanna do it again?

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  • spinal-tap January 1, 2009

    Go back to Asia!

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  • bayrat March 4, 2009

    hey thoward don't blame us beause they sold a whole country for a few beads and some iron skillets

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