It's splitsville buddy

What's better than having one penis? Having one penis that IS NOT split in half. I don't care what kind of argument you can come up with that shit is one of the creepiest things a person can do.

  • fetuswithaids May 29, 2008

    It's not one big one now dude,it's two little halves.

  • first1shit May 29, 2008


  • monoxide May 29, 2008

    why stop there, wish he would just curl up and die from self inflicted stab wounds to his tiny ball sack the fuckwit

  • shimmery315 May 29, 2008

    now you can do the doublemint twins at once.

  • bucknuts May 29, 2008


  • skoal36 May 29, 2008

    bobbit can make hot dog halves bbq at 9

  • deluxone1 May 29, 2008

    these ppl need to be shot dead.why would they do that?

  • bpmolder May 29, 2008

    Yeah, one word comes to mind: Why?

  • beergut May 29, 2008

    thats fucked up

  • judasz May 29, 2008

    This is what happens when Hot Dog buns come 12 to a pack and Hot Dogs come 10

  • assholistic May 29, 2008

    Must be a secret oriental lengthing technique. Now it just cuts off one half and stiches it on the end to double it up. Of course it still cant piss standing up.

  • biffalobuff May 29, 2008

    When he gets an erection, does it look like a rabbit ears antenna?

  • tech-n9ne May 29, 2008

    WHAT THE FUCKK! did he shave his balls so perfectly?

  • youngblood48 May 29, 2008

    can you imagine the pics that will be taken when you have a accident and go to the hospital....

  • elzombino May 29, 2008


  • ouch May 29, 2008

    is that a Brig Browwwmmmm Snake Greg ?

  • d90girl May 29, 2008

    but a rubber band around it, good as new >>wink

  • gon_o_rea_drip May 30, 2008

    it's splitsville for you pal.

  • melanie1962 May 30, 2008

    Two for the price of one?? O_O

  • delilah78 May 30, 2008


  • rodeye2 May 30, 2008

    This dumbfuck needs to get a job hes got to much time on his hands.

  • lickadslit May 30, 2008

    keep going buddy you are almost there.

  • crazy_bitch88 May 30, 2008

    WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!

    seriously.. who in the hell would do something like that? -.-

  • mouser May 30, 2008

    i am a snake

  • micarone May 30, 2008

    That's great, dumbfuck! At least you're not capable to procreate any children into this world now. I bet they would inherit your i.q. and that's lot smaller than your shoe size, dickweed!

    Ummm... I'm just wondering how do you urinate nowadays? Thru your mouth?

  • packers May 30, 2008

    He is USING A MIRROR!!!

  • vomit May 31, 2008

    no he's not, you can clearly see both sides are different. trust me, i looked.

  • pelch June 3, 2008

    I sure hope that's Photo Shopped 'cause that's just not right...

    What's he gonna do now?

  • bunnyhoffine July 19, 2008


  • pyroshit739 August 22, 2008


  • dci March 21, 2009

    hope these people regret this after.

    would hate to be there doctor when they come in for a check up.

    i would have to give them a prescription for one large does of suicide by way of shotgun might as well make your head look like your penis.

    at least it would be really hard for these people to make kids.

  • english666 May 29, 2009

    Why would he want to do that to his own dick.

  • clusterlizard June 14, 2009

    I don't buy it..Looks like trick photography..

  • jerzdevldawg July 20, 2009


  • ghosthunter May 29, 2011

    Why do faggots split their dicks.. why???

  • loreny March 19, 2012


    I want to ask you if you have more pic/video of it?

    Do you a movie of the procedure?

    I want to make some of my own split can you please tell me what I need to


    Am I will be able to fuck again? how can I masturbate?

    How the blowjob? I guess now that its splited its much more fun and

    Please Please answer me soon and if you have some more pic and even a video

    please send me.

    my email - lorenlyra@gmail

  • greencow June 1, 2016

    I am in the process of splitting mine in half right now actually. When a few lady friends asked me how far I want to go with the split, I send this & they were thrilled, they are always asking me to send progress picks & telling me all these things they want to do,like suck one half & just have me play with the other. people who don't like this thing will of course be like why? & the answers are simple I love the look,it feels great! The extra exposed nerve ending REALLY increase pleasures. Cumming is still 100% possible & more fun,if I wanted to father a kid, totally could, the split wouldn't effect that at all.Peeing standing can be done,but...I kinda like sitting anyway,so that's no big deal at all. Deciding to split my cock was a choice I am VERY glad I made!

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