The price of asshole neighbors

There comes a time when a person has got to realize that most people on this earth are assholes and you probably won't get along very well. That's why it's better to not talk to you neighbors so you will never have a reason to get in each others way.

  • morgabeth February 1, 2009

    ha... ha he haw

  • nudrop February 1, 2009

    not the best way to sell your house...telling people to move next to an asshole.

  • khaslave February 1, 2009

    If both your neibors are asshole; it might be you.

  • sitedog February 1, 2009

    i hate my neighbors too.

  • yestrnight February 1, 2009

    take the advice and dont associate with thy neighbur

  • spydablakk February 1, 2009


  • shittybitchy February 1, 2009

    Finally, truth in advertising!

  • belladona February 1, 2009

    hey at least the neighbors you have will be honest!!! lmao

  • shimmery315 February 1, 2009

    where can i get one of those?

  • leadfoot February 1, 2009

    Not exactly a selling point.

  • mrragoo February 1, 2009

    now i know what i`ll be putting on my front lawn when i sell

  • godless1 February 1, 2009

    OOOHH! I wanna live next to an asshole! How Much?

  • linc February 1, 2009

    nice lol

  • copenhagenman February 2, 2009

    shimmery315 i'll make you one for a peek if your avatar is a pic of you.

  • sadistic1 February 2, 2009

    No sale

  • assholistic February 2, 2009

    Funny, that is my neighbor's house

  • mychaels February 2, 2009

    That guy gets a 10!

  • marsape February 2, 2009

    obviously his neighbour is palestine

  • bucknuts February 2, 2009


    .looks like tha people next door are gunna be movein soon!

  • kenfromdublin February 2, 2009

    Photoshop job, plenty of sites on the net where you can insert your own messages onto signs and pass them off as real, besides who would want to buy his house and live beside his asshole neighbour? One sure way to ensure that he wouldn't ever sell it if it WAS real!

  • truckingman February 2, 2009

    Join, the MF' cub, any more you have no rights about what you want to be with your property, but your Assholic neighbors have all of the rights to ""Make You Do What They Want With Your Property!!!!"" Well, """"SCREW YOU ASSHOLIC SHITS, It's My Property and I can Do What I Mother Fucking' Want with It, Fuck you are Bitches (the Assholic Bitch neighbors)!!!!"""" I am sorry if any of the Crazy Shit Members and Staff are offended. I was vent my MF' Anger at my Assholic neighbor and those like him not at Crazy Shit.

    Sincerely, Robert Hallock

    the truckingman.

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