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Fuck Valentine‘s Day!
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posted by Tim S. on 4/5/2009

Fuck Valentine‘s Day!

I may not agree with these motherfuckers nor do I like them most of the time. However in this picture, they are sending out a FANTASTIC message. Fuck Valentine‘s Day! Kudos to yall on this one, anything else, you suck, on this subject good fucking going.
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Buried in sluts

Fucking awkward

Ghetto fuckin fails

She is legal now!

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Like their women were going to get them anything for Valentines Day anyways .
posted on: 04-05-09 @ 11:54 AM

they just dont like valintines day cause it means the have to fuck there hairy ass wifes with there big bushy muffs
posted on: 04-05-09 @ 1:00 PM

The clitoris. We love it som much, we have to keep it.
posted on: 04-05-09 @ 2:06 PM

sux to be them
posted on: 04-05-09 @ 2:48 PM

One Muslim girl asks the other while comparing new dresses in a department store in Jerusalem -- "Does my bomb look big in this?"
posted on: 04-05-09 @ 3:14 PM

They all should be beaten by a dominatrix...
posted on: 04-05-09 @ 3:55 PM

Religion and rational thought are usually mutually exclusive. See Picture.
posted on: 04-05-09 @ 4:43 PM

Fucking bunch of faggot pussy hating towel heads. Fuck you!
posted on: 04-05-09 @ 4:46 PM

..perhaps we should light you on fire and watch to see how many people actually care!
posted on: 04-05-09 @ 5:24 PM

I think the only thing they don´t hate is the idea of dying and going to fuck their 72 virgins in ¨heaven¨ but wait, once they´d fucked everyone of them they won´t be virgins anymore and then they will probably want to kill them for not being virgins, so yeah I think they fucking hate everything after all.
posted on: 04-05-09 @ 5:27 PM

^^Jo53^^ that’s a great comment and so fukin true!
posted on: 04-05-09 @ 7:14 PM

Joking aside - I have nothing against Muslims, they don’t bother me and they probably don’t bother you in your day to day life - so get a life and stop diminishing yourself with hatred for a people you don’t know or understand and will probably never have much personal interaction anyway with in your life EVER.____________AMEN! ;)
posted on: 04-05-09 @ 10:10 PM

can’t we all just get along...sniff, sniff... Hell no...fuck you very much and your demented religion..
posted on: 04-05-09 @ 10:49 PM

All you need is LOVE la ta da dee da
posted on: 04-05-09 @ 11:36 PM

Hey Ken , Ever hear of a little thing called Sept 11 ? I guess it’s a matter of perspective .
posted on: 04-05-09 @ 11:37 PM

no wonder the rest of the world HATES YOU
posted on: 04-06-09 @ 12:46 AM

Fuck muslims society and there ignorance
posted on: 04-06-09 @ 5:05 PM

They are such a killjoy! They’re just pissed cuz their women want flowers now.
posted on: 04-07-09 @ 12:40 AM

Hey Ken from DUBLIN, you’re only reason for liking these fucking backward, ignorant, religious freaks is that you irish are also fucking terrorist’s and you all stick together, fuck you murdering kill killing, women bashing, every thing hating cunts, go back to your clammy miserable fucking igorant religous lifestyle, and stop trying to convince us people who have been bombed by muslim’s that they are nice people you fuck head
posted on: 04-07-09 @ 3:37 AM

JUST TO ADD, i hate muslim’s and I want to kill every fucking muslim that is alive, come get me you pork hating, life hating, cunts, now i’m off to eat some bacon and have a ham sandwich with extra pork skin crackling ontop, then I’m going to open the door for my girl friend and let her dress up in her skimpy clothing while we swap partners with the neighbours, fuck muslim’s
posted on: 04-07-09 @ 3:41 AM

they dont hate fire aparrantly
posted on: 04-07-09 @ 8:45 PM

he ken from dublin go back to fuckin your sister/mom
posted on: 04-07-09 @ 8:47 PM

Dem Fucker Will Kill Anything
posted on: 04-09-09 @ 12:49 AM

^^^hahahahahaah omg rare your soooo funny! XD^^^^^
posted on: 04-10-09 @ 3:53 AM