Safety First, You don't want your nose to fall off

My first thought was that she may have lost a bet and she had to stick a safety pin through her nose. Then after thinking about it for a bit, I'm going to go with she did this as a statement. Her Dad didn't hug her enough as a child, and she grew to love her safety pin. The only way she could feel safe is when the safety pin was in her nose. Now she feels complete.

  • format187 April 27, 2010

    LilithDahl..... the younger years

  • killkenny April 27, 2010

    Smells like teen dipshit.

  • boppalilbit April 27, 2010

    100% improvment

  • anomalous April 27, 2010

    @ Jay...maybe her dad hugged her too much...

  • dirtysanchez69 April 27, 2010

    Very cute lips. I wonder what her other lips look like.

  • beergut April 27, 2010

    probably like a dirt road if she does this kind of shit^

  • rockinron April 27, 2010

    why do beautiful young women do this shit to themselves. if they want to get back at thee daddys they can cum to my house and i will fuckem in the ass on video to show there daddys and then throw in a facial to really piss him off!!

  • warfighter64 April 27, 2010

    Its so she cant get to far from the Sink...

  • detroitleanin April 27, 2010

    Hey!!!! Look at me, Im stupid

  • thoward April 27, 2010

    well it works to control cattle so why not a women to

  • jakdup313 April 27, 2010

    i hate my daddy so i'll shove a pin through my nose. Grow up bitch and put a dick in your mouth

  • wackinisgood April 27, 2010


  • 2indastink April 27, 2010


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  • creek April 27, 2010

    ROTFLMAO @ Jakup313

  • willylickaball April 27, 2010

    She could really use a set of needle nose pliers

  • ohwickedwendi April 27, 2010

    NEVER try to pierce things on your body while you are heavily intoxicated.

  • wuda_fuc86 April 27, 2010

    I usually keep her pinned to my zipper...

  • yomigs April 27, 2010

    if you gonna do something...dont do a half-ass job at didnt clip it to the other end..FAIL!

  • magnavox50 April 27, 2010

    Remember kids it's not the face you fuck it's the fuck you face!

  • jtaylor April 27, 2010

    Next week will be a picture of her face after her nose falls off. She's using a rusty safety pin.

  • rodeye2 April 28, 2010

    Now when she blows her nose in class kids on both sides of her will be sprayed.

  • zombiefreeak21 April 28, 2010

    up your nose with a rubberhose

  • sleeko April 28, 2010

    No! It's her mouth, you're supposed to pin shut.

  • boredshitless April 28, 2010

    MJ would be proud

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