This is Not a Transformer Motorcycle

Sure the picture looks like the motorcycle that is about to transform into some planet saving machine that wants to help out the humans and destroy evil. It's not. It's just a bike that some guy fucked up on, made it flip and probably fuck it up pretty big time. Bonus for his ass is gonna be hurting!

  • dementiasfines May 30, 2010


  • psycho666 May 30, 2010

    the other guy just farted.

  • xsurfgonewildx May 30, 2010

    are you sure its not?

  • chupamiverga May 30, 2010

    poor hyabusa. I wonder what the other guy got for this quarter mile?

  • thoward May 30, 2010

    THIS IS NOT A TRANSFORMER MOTORCYCLE well it is now it was just transformed into a piece of junk.

  • buttdarts May 30, 2010

    That dude is mad strong!! Picking up and throwing his bike like that.

  • willylickaball May 30, 2010

    This bike and photo have alot in common. One has been recycled and used again and the other will need to be recycled to be used again.

  • wuda_fuc86 May 30, 2010

    Crack kills....

  • theaussie May 30, 2010

    There's your problem.

  • rodeye2 May 31, 2010

    That's the wrong time to hit the button for the ejection seat.

  • killkenny May 31, 2010

    He's in a pickle with that motor cicle.

  • rust_in_peace June 2, 2010

    You should never buy your crotch rockets at Wal-Mart

  • leadfoot June 2, 2010

    It's never good when the rubber side is up .

  • juggalo4ever June 8, 2010

    that nigga got fucked up

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