Fatal Highway Crash

When two tractor trailer trucks collide it never ends good as seen by the photos taken from this fatal highway crash. The good news for this guy is his beaded seat cushion will keep him comfortable while rescue crews remove his crumpled body from the truck.

  • xsurfgonewildx June 26, 2010

    for a second i thought this was pictures from that ice trucker show. then i saw that mexican

  • mexican_pride June 26, 2010

    fucking retard this crash happened in brazil ^^^

  • xsurfgonewildx June 26, 2010

    like i said... until i saw all those mexicans

  • sikko June 26, 2010

    I can't beleive he is still sleeping after that accident...

  • kidbocker June 26, 2010


  • ohwickedwendi June 26, 2010

    Don't text and drive.

  • boppalilbit June 26, 2010

    At least it wasn't a beer truck

  • yomigs June 26, 2010

    imma take a lil nap..wake me when ur done..

  • sycochiki June 26, 2010


  • wuda_fuc86 June 26, 2010

    Cocaine is a Hell of a drug...

  • wulberdee June 26, 2010


  • jasonjetski June 26, 2010

    Iam a little confused here.

    What is the white shit all over everything?

    Is the sleeping guy in a third truck not shown in the other pics? Maybe the car carrier?

    Is he really dead? Looks like he is pushing the twisted blue metal with his hand in the second last pic,but some prick tied it there to piss him off.

    Either way,I hope he came out alright.

  • gtacasanova June 26, 2010

    ^^^ i am a little confused too areu retared are a fucking repoter or wtf dont ask too many questions just enyoy the damm pictures..

  • viol8or10 June 26, 2010

    The truck has a new hood ornament.

  • dumb_spooks June 26, 2010

    Head on. Apply directly to forehead. Head on. Apply directly to forehead. Head on. Apply directly to forehead.

  • darthscrib June 26, 2010

    fuckin mexicans are sneaking into brazil too?

  • enjoythat88 June 27, 2010

    at least that guys seat massager thing keeps his back relaxed

  • jasonjetski June 27, 2010

    Yeah,Guess I must be retared. Whatever the fuck that is.

    And no Iam not a repoter either.

  • boontendo June 27, 2010

    This isn't Mexico for sure, there's no tassel, excessive chrome, Mexican flag, multiple rosaries, or under age workers aboard this truck.

  • rodeye2 June 27, 2010

    Cruise control does not mean auto pilot.

  • rockinron June 27, 2010

    all right im happy now!!! this proves that the fuckin mexicans are not only invading amrica, there heqading for the brazil boarders also. we call them wet backs, i wonder what he brazillians call them, jungle jumpers?

  • darthscrib June 27, 2010


  • jokerhannes June 27, 2010

    at least the tryed to cover it up with abit of oxalic acid...

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