Fatal Freak Accident

You and a couple buddies are cruising countryside and all of the sudden your brakes go out. Instead of remaining calm you freak out and swerve off of the road. This is the aftermath of what would happen were you to do that. A tangled mess of metal and death.

  • kidbocker August 24, 2010

    what am i looking at

  • spaulding August 24, 2010

    ^ failed road head..

  • graveyard August 24, 2010

    They found out these people had dandruff, found Head and Shoulders in the back seat.

  • killkenny August 24, 2010

    It takes guts to do that.

  • nukemutant August 24, 2010

    Funny party in the car!

  • buttdarts August 24, 2010

    They took the hard road.

  • rockinron August 24, 2010

    bet they all had seat belts on, why else would they stay inside a car that torn apart. looks like the seat belts were a big fail in this one, id of rather taken my chances being thrown clear and fucked up a little bit ,rather then be purid by the car coming apart around me due to my SAFETY belt.

  • buttdarts August 24, 2010

    @ rockinron Are you fuckin' serious? Sometimes you wouldn't survive no matter what ya did. And what the fuck did I say about the long ass comments.

  • dumb_spooks August 24, 2010

    Red Meat causes Cancer.

  • mass August 24, 2010

    i dont think that paint is gonna buff out

  • trox August 24, 2010

    way to go asshole now some bodys gotta scoop your shit off the road with a grain shovel

  • boppalilbit August 24, 2010

    Damn blue tooth headset interferes with the car blue tooth system.. when she said stop to her friend on the phone the car going 140 decided on its own to do the same

  • atmydismay August 24, 2010

    Looks like splitsville is a real destination afterall!

  • boredshitless August 24, 2010

    still giving away licenses in corn flakes boxes i see!

  • duckduck August 24, 2010

    from porsche to sentra, Nascar dreams die hard.

  • darthscrib August 24, 2010

    I think they're dead, poke em with a stick!

  • bigtalk August 24, 2010

    think theyll have and open casket

  • pizzapie August 24, 2010

    People & blenders don't mix

  • rodeye2 August 24, 2010

    On Star..it shows your car has been in an accident would you like me to send help ?...hello,hello.

  • wargod August 24, 2010

    "They found her in the grass with a muffler up her ass, and her titties playing dixie on the spokes"

  • dopesmoker August 25, 2010

    Demolition derbies have gotten fucking lazy

  • motherhumper August 25, 2010


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