Friends Don't Let Women Drive

It's the world's greatest problem that no one is trying to solve. Women drivers. Aside from the harm they cause to themselves and others, they are responsible for billions of dollars in property damage and the frustration of every other driver on the road. In order to put an end to this pandemic, everyone must do their part. So please don't let your wife, mother, sister, daughter, or anyone with a vagina get behind the wheel of a car. Cooking and cleaning are much safer and more productive. If we all work together, we can make the roads safe again.

  • warfighter64 October 8, 2010

    Whats she doing out of the kitchen ?

  • buzzhawg October 8, 2010

    Ow! Dee!! (audi) :(

  • vikingshill October 8, 2010


  • joseffritzl October 8, 2010

    i dont blame her...i blame the fuckin idiot who gave her the keys

  • boppalilbit October 8, 2010

    no vehicles past this point signs just do not affect some women drivers that think there has to be a better parking space ahead and those signs are just put there so they dont get one for them ditz's

  • boobles October 8, 2010

    I reckon a man was driving that

  • crazypoopz October 8, 2010

    if that was a man he wouldve just backed up and said its just a scratch

  • spaulding October 8, 2010

    If she would have just kept going, she could have had the convertible she wanted.

  • atmydismay October 8, 2010

    Just slap some butter on there it should slide right out!

  • bigtalk October 8, 2010

    dumb bitch must of been trying to talk and think at the same time

  • ftwbiker October 8, 2010

    You "AUDI" be watching where your going.

  • rockinron October 8, 2010

    i dont care if ya did wreck the damn car you better have the mayo for my sammich!!

  • killkenny October 8, 2010

    Women are all about relationships. She was just trying to take it to another level.

  • sicasso October 8, 2010

    Shame thats was a nice car too.

  • sirfartsalot October 8, 2010

    Like a glove!

  • island_mon October 8, 2010

    "ummm honey? about your new car...."

  • wargod October 8, 2010

    Someone's getting thrown 'Audi" the house tonight! (but make me a sammich first, bitch)

  • ohwickedwendi October 9, 2010

    Get that Audi there!

  • d90girl October 9, 2010

    Look here jackass!

    It's a scientific fact that "MALE" juvenile drivers are the cause of the majority of fatal accidents, DUI, DWI, hit and run...etc, etc, etc !

    So get your ugly fat head out of your ass, stop blaming us girls and come up with a new line...DOUCH!!!

  • smak October 9, 2010

    probably an illegal mexican without insurance. oh and yes a woman.

  • boobles October 9, 2010

    Nah - that's a man driver fo sho!

  • crazypoopz October 9, 2010

    maybe BLACK males do but not us crackers

  • lolumad October 9, 2010

    So thats where i parked..

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