We're Number 1

We may not be at the top of the charts in education or employment, but when it comes to rape and plastic surgery, don't mess with the US. We eat shitty food, pollute the environment, and impregnate teens, and that's the way Americans like it.

  • vikingshill October 14, 2010

    They should add Nascar race tracks to complete the redneck top ten.

  • killkenny October 14, 2010

    What the hell is happening to this, once great, nation?? I blame the nigras. :)

  • duckduck October 14, 2010

    i know how to fix a few of those. Decriminalize drugs!! no bullshit

  • rockinron October 14, 2010


  • n0s4a2_420 October 14, 2010

    stupid fuckin immagrants, they all brought their crime rates with'em, motherfuckers tainted our nation........

  • throttlejockey October 14, 2010

    Ummm, aside from being completely wrong, this is fantastic libtard propaganda. Pretty sure Brazil is the plastic surgery capital of the world.

  • cellule October 14, 2010

    Raping McDonald's restaurants! Our new national sport!

  • chuidenggui October 14, 2010

    这些第一是理&# 25152;应当

  • knightryder October 14, 2010

    I Always New America Was Number

    1 In Rape. Nobody Will Ever beat

    america, Baby! I Want a T-Shirt

    from t-shirt hell Lists all of

    America's Acheievements from

    that list up above.

  • assholistic October 14, 2010

    China is the biggest CO2 emitter. It's where manufacturing went.

    These stats are bogus. Per Capita, Brazil is higher in plastic surgery. Rape, cmon. Rape is reported here in the US and not reported in many countries.

  • boredshitless October 14, 2010

    but still all the other nations want to be us

  • 2indastink October 14, 2010

    You cunts are also #1 wankers, drown ALL black Americans at birth.

  • atmydismay October 14, 2010

    Everything on that list leads back to Mcdonalds!!

  • wargod October 14, 2010

    So whats your point? Our military is still bigger than yours!

  • drtyrell October 14, 2010

    That's just because we report it more.

  • ohwickedwendi October 14, 2010

    That is because we let everyone into our boarders--DUH!

  • spaulding October 14, 2010

    We take the gold in everything we compete in.

  • cbt23 October 14, 2010

    I'm so proud.......snif, snif

  • iowaredneck October 14, 2010

    I CALL BULLSHIT. no fuckin way

  • bloodbrick October 14, 2010

    I thought mexico would be worse at somthing but geuss what WE SUCK ASS A NATION

  • rodeye2 October 14, 2010

    They forgot unemployment rate.

  • cs4u October 15, 2010

    Yay! I am so proud to be a US citizen...Oohhhhh the land of full of #1

  • bigtalk October 15, 2010

    just like americans love to thrive on negativity

  • flip835 October 15, 2010

    i dont doubt any others but im pretty sure china has a higher pollution rate. they cant even drink their tap. and they dont even get clear skys. and im pretty sure iraq has the top rape rate, just nothing is ever reported cause its the military and policing doing it all

  • marsape October 15, 2010

    Good old Christianity does it again

  • marsape October 15, 2010

    Hey kill kenny, if you had some black friends you would find they are pretty nice people also, get a fucking life mate, just one my Thursday Islander's personalities would make a hundred of yours, you are just hanging around the wrong ghetto, try giving the racism a miss for once, it's so fuckng primative and dumb, and I think that mankind is actually over it, we have terrorism to fight now.

  • godblessjebus October 15, 2010

    bullshit! with the floods in pakistan britain was straight there with more money than the U.S rounded up in weeks!! look at the population and size of america compared to britain, nd we hate the packies more than anyone! n dont get me started on the U.S military, i'v seen for myself that for a military over twice the size of the british army they STILL can't do half the job we can!!

  • island_mon October 15, 2010

    ^5 @ ohwickedwendi

  • thesurrealist October 15, 2010

    Being a fucking arrogant, ignorant american pays off. I bet it feels good to be number 1!

  • myballsyorchin October 16, 2010

    hey the white man brought black people here....like in most any case we are the cause of our problems.

  • judasz October 20, 2010

    We are #1 with the most Illegals also.

  • getpoopedon October 28, 2010

    lol @ blaming black people for our problems, once slavery ended you actually had to do your own jobs and yet you didn't want to, so when hispanics started migrating and taking the jobs you were too lazy to do you had something else to bitch about

  • tiana January 18, 2011

    damn were even above south africa in rapes ... son of a bitch na this must be rong i want a recount

  • dkaope8 April 28, 2011

    don't forget the white trash

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