Ribbed For Her Pleasure

You know what is weird about this guy's wang? I have a couch that has studs on it like that. So weird. Just imagine when he takes a piss, it's like a sprinkler system going off.

  • maskofphantasm October 16, 2010

    Once again, why the fuck would someone want to do shit like this?

  • n0s4a2_420 October 16, 2010

    dude is a fag, but when you can take it in the ass, shit like this probably don't hurt at all......stupid fucks

  • bloodfrozen1 October 16, 2010


  • ohwickedwendi October 16, 2010

    Just imagine if those things got caught in his zipper.

  • sillyrabbit October 16, 2010

    a piercing everytime he can't get laid?

  • killkenny October 16, 2010

    Good luck at the airport, fag.

  • spaulding October 16, 2010

    now hit it with an electric fly swatter.

  • krazygurl31 October 16, 2010

    ?? gay or not thats jus fn wrong

  • atmydismay October 16, 2010

    I hope for some reason he gets stuck on a barb wired fence nude

  • wardo56 October 16, 2010

    Dude I bet the women line up for that cock

  • stoopidmunkee October 16, 2010

    i would be. i'd love to fuck a guy with a cock like that. dude could never wear condoms tho.

  • buzzhawg October 16, 2010

    Coming this December, my new book titled "Masturbation with Magnets".

  • crazypoopz October 16, 2010

    damn it will be BALLS deep

  • jasonjetski October 16, 2010

    Hope he knows how to play the flute.

    It could get messy when he takes a piss otherwise.

  • rockinron October 16, 2010

    first of this guy is so cool he has to put studs in his dik for traction. nd i bet his dick about gets ripped of if he ever gets MRI one.

  • bigtalk October 16, 2010

    that dumb ass has it reversed a penis is supposed to penetrate not be penetrated

  • country_girrl October 16, 2010

    That looks like a breeding ground for germs to me..

  • cs4u October 17, 2010

    a loner for life, no chicks would want that, even the "would you hit it" chicks would stay away from this weirdo. congrats mate, you just won the "fag competition".

  • wargod October 17, 2010

    thats a completely different type of erector set

  • 17cecelia October 17, 2010

    ummmm if u need all that to get sex to feel good, ur messing with the people

  • mrbigglesworth October 17, 2010

    Yeah, if that's what you need to get off, you were doing it totally wrong the first try.

  • wulberdee October 17, 2010


  • island_mon October 17, 2010

    I don't fuckin get it. "Why dude?"

  • strummer1990 October 18, 2010

    Its kinda like that furniture we grew up with that u weren't aloud to sit on...you can look but you cant sit on it...

  • rodeye2 October 18, 2010

    It transforms into a AK-47.

  • ghosthunter October 19, 2010

    Bitch would break her teeth on this one..

  • jessicam831 October 24, 2010

    Looks like fun to me, I don't know what all of ya'll are bitchin about, I'd love to play with that lol

  • psychokitty October 31, 2010

    If I am going to date you, could you please warn me about the metal injecter. No likey.

  • tiana January 18, 2011

    ummmmmmmm... im thinkin that might be a fun ride

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