Marker, Eggs, Hot Dog and Cuddling

Alex, I'm going with "What is WTF?" You would be correct if this was a Jeopardy answer/question thing. What the fuck is going on here. As far as I can tell, you will draw some eyes on your friend's ass. Then cook up some eggs with hot dogs. Draw some eyes on them. Then rub the hot dog in the eggs for a bit. Then find your buddy and cuddle. Sounds like a nice rainy Sunday morning.

  • emoney350 December 18, 2010

    I prefer tuna with my hot dog.

  • t0mmy December 18, 2010

    a lot of crazy shit girls have had more weener than an oscar mayer factory

  • 2indastink December 18, 2010

    what the fuck drugs are those fucking Japs on man ?

  • boppalilbit December 18, 2010

    Asians only way to feel a tittie fuck?

  • killkenny December 18, 2010

    Buddy on the bottom don't look too happy. lulz!

  • ohwickedwendi December 18, 2010're supposed to draw where the eggs go on his ass, and shove the wiener in between, while fucking him?

  • ohwickedwendi December 18, 2010

    Or are they trying to tell us to feed the Om Nom Nom monster before you fuck it?

  • mass December 18, 2010

    now thats some funky butt lovin

  • rockinron December 18, 2010

    i dont even wanna know wendi!!

  • tat2d_soldier December 18, 2010

    i understood one word in that ad.. GAY

  • buzzhawg December 18, 2010

    Looks like the guy on the bottom wasn't happy about the results.

  • spaulding December 18, 2010

    Did they really have to illustrate it?

  • wulberdee December 18, 2010


  • allencrosby December 18, 2010

    Really?!?! who eats hotdogs with their eggs...e on now. it's just not right.

  • boredshitless December 18, 2010

    how to have freaky sex with a fag in japanese

  • oicu8abullet December 18, 2010

    Well, now I know how to write "fagtastic" in Japanese.

  • slippy December 18, 2010

    these are the new passanger saftey cards you find in the back of all the seats on asian airlines.

  • yeayeayea December 18, 2010

    File under Really Weird Shit...

  • mccracken December 18, 2010

    Japanese Passenger flight manual....put head between shoda blade of next man...connect togeta for secure fet.

  • mrbigglesworth December 19, 2010

    The guy on the bottom wanted scrambled.

  • ohwickedwendi December 19, 2010

    I really think they were crazy before the bombs--remember the Kamikaze pilots with helmets?

  • ghosthunter December 19, 2010

    Asian version. of Gay sex for dummies..

  • dfyla December 20, 2010

    So my Chinese wife says it's directions on how to practice tit fucking with a guy's ass. What Chinese chick has a hairy chest that smells of swass?

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