Dead At The Wheel

My question is, did he piss himself before or after he died? And what the fuck happened anyway? Did a bear break into his truck and chew on his head? I'd piss myself too if that was the case.

  • spaulding February 11, 2011

    This is what happens when you forget the milk.

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  •   killkenny February 11, 2011

    Bet he's on the Highway to Hell now.

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  •   rockinron February 11, 2011

    damn thats terrible!! they broke the window on that nice suv!!

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  • cellule February 11, 2011

    Should have had the bitch driving instead of sucking on your dick.

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  • crazypoopz February 11, 2011

    just honk they will move

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  • h4rdcor3 February 11, 2011

    Better get those wounds sewn up quick before ron tries to stick his dick in them

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  • larbob February 11, 2011

    the second picture he has tatoos. the third he don't.what's up with that shit?

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  • tex101 February 11, 2011

    look at the picture agian, there is three people in the suv

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  • thewinkler February 11, 2011

    Ya, you'er right I had not noticed. They all got smoked!

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  • jaton February 11, 2011

    I thought Range Rovers were supposed to be one of the safest cars on the planet.

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  • hempstix February 11, 2011

    LAST WORDS: Hold my beer and watch this

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  • catsyvixen February 11, 2011

    I was eating my damn captin crunch and could not finish it after seeing this pic!! thanks a lot! my heart is broken lol jk

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  • shiftybob February 11, 2011

    why would you eat ANYTHING and look at this site?

    horizontal would is a grazing shot, second is point blank with flash residue.

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  • dethzombie February 11, 2011

    The cartel took it easy on this one.

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  • azzholee February 11, 2011

    wha really happened??

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  • atmydismay February 11, 2011

    they better call allstate back cuz they are not in good hands!

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  • wardo56 February 11, 2011

    that piss looks a little too brown

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  • boredshitless February 11, 2011

    shut up and drive dumbass!!!

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  •   mrpoop February 11, 2011

    killer boots man

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  • slyworm February 11, 2011

    Too bad it was not IMMANUELCUNT!

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  • ohwickedwendi February 11, 2011

    They were listening to Justin Bieber and their heads did their dicks.

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  • gonzogoatee February 11, 2011

    It's 1 part of the triple essex murders! a great gangster tale!!! Ambushed close range w/ shotguns! you need to find the rest of the pics in order to really appreciate the carnage.

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  • u-235 February 12, 2011

    @catsyvixen: Oh shit, you got that song stuck in my head. Captain Crunch, Captain Crunch, he's inviting you to munch.....M.O.D.

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  • martyn930 February 12, 2011

    Right,go to rettenden murders/essex boys,all 3 were shot dead one nite essex uk,all dealers and 2 are doing time for murders,a lot of people believe the people responsible are still at there jobs....

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  • ezileeoffended February 13, 2011

    Quit your bitchen Paco its only a little nick ! Now stop your squirming so I can finish your haircut.

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  • lurker01010100 February 24, 2011

    This is from a famous murder in Northern Ireland a few years back, can't remember what it was called or who was involved. They probably deserved it.

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  • zer0daher0 June 13, 2011

    I know this one, these were some nasty gangster bastards from the mid 90's, they ran a North London 'firm' until they got shot in the face by another firm.

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  • 619mike July 9, 2011

    events in December 1995 that culminated in the murders of three top drug barons in Rettendon, Essex, UK. On 6 December 1995, Patrick Tate, Craig Rolfe and Tony Tucker, three drug dealers well known to the police, were lured to Workhouse Lane, Rettendon on the pretext of a lucrative drug deal. There they were killed by shotgun blasts to the head while sitting in their Range Rover. The bodies were found the following morning.

    Two men, Jack Whomes and Michael Steele, were convicted of the offence after police informer Darren Nicholls gave evidence against his former friends at their Old Bailey trial. They have always protested their innocence

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