Girlfriend Stabbed To Death

Some fucked up 16 year old kid snapped and stabbed his girlfriend to death. This kid has no future with women. If he can't even stand a girlfriend as a teenager, forget about marriage. The only long term relationship he'll be having is with his big, burly cellmate.

  • oicu8abullet March 10, 2011

    I swear, I was just showing the knife to her when I slipped and fell. 8 times.

  • format187 March 10, 2011

    Wonder why they'd use iodine and stitch it up if she was dead.... oh well, I'm sure she deserved it

  • format187 March 10, 2011

    mayo BITCH

  • n0s4a2_420 March 10, 2011

    i said sweet bologna, stupid cunt.....lemme see the knife i'll do it my self.....

  • cellule March 10, 2011

    Sharp knives are to cut, not to spread mayo. Cunt.

  • dageneral March 10, 2011

    i hope the killers cellmate has aids

  • rockinron March 10, 2011

    bitch is alive. or they wouldnt stitch her up and give her an oxygen tube. next time get the fuckin sammich right bitch or the jobs getting finished!!

  • moldedguppy March 10, 2011

    If they stabbed her to death ya why would they sew her up and use iodine to prevent infections? Just saying.

  • jaton March 10, 2011

    "It's not size that matters it's what you do with it that counts" he said to his girlfriend as he stabbed her with his 3 inch knife.

  • gabryl March 10, 2011

    never fall asleep or Freddy will get u

  • ohwickedwendi March 10, 2011

    Yeah...that kid is the man now--wait, I meant someone's bitch.

  • two-hats March 10, 2011

    There's always a bright side now there's more holes to fuck.

  • boredshitless March 10, 2011

    i bet that hurt like hell... what was that kid on?

  • atmydismay March 10, 2011

    I bet that sick fuck was in stitches too!

  • larbob March 10, 2011

    maybe he was just trying to pierce her ears.

  • simplechaos March 10, 2011

    They sew the body up and use iodine after autopsy to prevent infection and decaying of skin even after death so it doesnt ruin body...just answering the question. Sad sight for such a young girl.

  • bigtalk March 10, 2011

    i sure she had it coming to her

  • effinurmom March 11, 2011

    ^^^ Learn proper English, dumb nigger!

  • scooterrat March 11, 2011

    Such a waste of sweet young pussy.

  • rockinron March 11, 2011

    bigtalk can't help it. him never gradgeated the 6th grade.

  • swazzi March 11, 2011

    I tried to tell you to shut the fuck up baby.

  • iowaredneck March 11, 2011

    Must be Mexican you know how they like to cut shit

  • lightitupsmoke March 12, 2011

    Looks like the bf just wanted some new holes to fuck.

  • netloveschris December 19, 2012

    To me, it looks like she's still alive...That's iodine they're putting on the wounds, and they have IVs and shit. I dunno, just an opinion. Either way, he should have just spanked her, made her make a sammich, like, a really good sammich, and sucked his cock.

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