The Benefits of Marriage

I'm not a big fan of marriage, but sometimes I can see the benefits of having a wife. All that beer is heavy indeed, and having your own personal beer carrier would be quite advantageous. But I don't think it's worth giving up my freedom to do what I want to do without causing any drama. I think I'll stick to carrying my own beer, but I'm happy for this man and his accomplishments.

  • psycoton March 25, 2011

    I guess she is fucking him in the ass too

  • otisdriftwood March 25, 2011

    oh yea this guy takes it in the ass for sure. You can`t see it but she has on a monster strap on behind those cases that shes just waiting to feed him after she puts down all that beer.

  • marsape March 25, 2011

    but can she be trusted with your weed?

  • ohwickedwendi March 25, 2011

    It was either that, or anal sex.

  • dageneral March 25, 2011

    The only pussy here is the one with the umbrella

  • scooterrat March 25, 2011

    Such a fine wife, God bless her.

  • sexstarved March 25, 2011

    lazy fucker

  • crazypoopz March 25, 2011

    i shall call him sue

  • oicu8abullet March 25, 2011

    I need to find me one of those. A stack of beer that is.

  • boredshitless March 25, 2011

    never worked that way for me! i want a refund.

  • iluvkitty March 25, 2011

    Adam won't get married because he knows his boyfriend will make him his wife.

  • beergoggles March 25, 2011

    Thats my kind of girl. Oh'ya that Dude is a BITCH!

  • atmydismay March 25, 2011

    Wife: This ain't light beer!?

  • boofano March 25, 2011

    equal rights there you go........

  • anrconvert March 25, 2011

    set up for the camera, but funny anyway.

  • sexstarved March 25, 2011

    how far now marsape

  • d90girl March 26, 2011

    No, its more get what you want and I get WHAT I WANT....nuff said

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