Can You Hear Me Now?

It doesn't take all that much force to tear somebody's ear off, so if you find yourself getting your ass beat, you may want to resort to giving a good tug on that little fucker. Then you can hold it up to your mouth and talk into it. "What's up now, bitch?" Or just run away, because he'll probably be pretty pissed off.

  • cunalingus July 5, 2011

    Thats what happenes when you dont listen!

  • joseffritz July 5, 2011

    come ear to me boy

  • buttdarts July 5, 2011

    Poor little kid. Hope he's okay now.

  • coonboy July 5, 2011

    Chuck Norris sucks at cutting hair with his hands.

  • oicu8abullet July 5, 2011

    I'll never complain about the little nic I get in that same spot everytime I get a haircut again.

  • spaulding July 5, 2011

    what a pussy. My mom used to drag me around by my ears all the time.

  • skyartist July 5, 2011

    Fucking Mike Tyson strikes again

  • crackerkiller July 5, 2011

    just cut it off LILCRACKER you have one more

  • donkey_punch July 5, 2011

    Anyone know what it takes to be hung like a Nigger???? 6 feet of good rope and a strong tree!

  • shit4brains July 5, 2011

    Dammit Tommy!!...I done told ya not to stick yer head in yer little sisters toilet seat

  • ezileeoffended July 5, 2011

    @crackerkiller ... He cant just cut it off cause then he might not hear your nigger ass breaking in his house, stealing his game boy, raping his puppy, eating his watermelon, and riding off with his bike ..... ya chicken eatin nigger wart

  • fairychick July 5, 2011

    it looks like a stick of mozzarella string cheese

  • boredshitless July 5, 2011

    put some whiskey on it.

  • ohwickedwendi July 5, 2011

    That's what happens when you stick your head out the window too far.

  • bigtalk July 5, 2011

    leave it, its just a little kid i bet its improvement

  • thederp July 5, 2011

    last time i let my mom cut my hair.

  • honkie365 July 6, 2011

    What's the difference between a 16 pound bowling ball and a black womans cunt?

    You could eat the bowling ball if you had to.

  • burp July 6, 2011

    They don't make kids as tough as they use to

  • rockinron July 6, 2011

    yummy my favorite!!fresh ear cartlidge !!!

  • veyron1001 July 6, 2011

    Hey let me lend you an ear.

  • mylarjorgen September 5, 2011

    Tell Mr Scissorhands to stop drinking on the job.

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