I Think She's Been Dead A While

It's always a nice surprise to find a body that's been rotting for a few days or more. They look so peaceful and without a care in the world. I'm sure they as good as lovely flowers blossoming in the spring time. But what's up with those cross eyes?

  • coonboy July 5, 2011

    Fuck, we turn black when we die?

  • oicu8abullet July 5, 2011

    @Coon. It's because we stop working.

  • oicu8abullet July 5, 2011

    Make that face again and it'll stay that way.

  • shitheadbcfc July 5, 2011

    @oicu8abullet 1st & 2nd comment! LMFAO!!!!! both so fucking true!!

  • tee82 July 5, 2011

    i would hit it

  • skyartist July 5, 2011

    Cross Eyed Mary has always been one of my favorite Jethro Tull songs

  • 2indastink July 5, 2011

    black or white, dead or alive, flora or fauna, I would fuck you all.

  • bigtalk July 5, 2011

    its not good to hold in bodily functions

  • spaulding July 5, 2011

    Looks like Skyartist's fuck toy

  • delbert38 July 5, 2011

    So that's why they call them spooks.

  • badbear July 5, 2011

    so i guess since we all turn black after death, Michael Jackson wasted his time!

  • picklepuff July 5, 2011

    from those monkey feet I would say she was already a nig. Her foodstamps musta ran out.

  • azzholee July 5, 2011

    that's what happens if you sleep on pink bed sheets

  • mutefruit July 5, 2011

    I am black and the 1st and second comment is fucking awesome lol !!!!!

  • ezileeoffended July 5, 2011

    This is why mexicans and niggers shouldn't cross breed ... there kids are just fuckin ugly

  • rodgtard July 5, 2011

    She found out bigtalk raped her so she killed herself

  • ohwickedwendi July 5, 2011

    You know why Mexicans and Blacks don't get discovered for a few days? Because there's no employers to miss them.

  • boredshitless July 5, 2011

    coming soon to glue bottles everywhere.

  • thederp July 5, 2011

    why is this bitch looking at me all cock-eyed?

  • honkie365 July 6, 2011

    That's bigtalks girlfriend.

  • u-235 July 6, 2011

    1st place at the science fair.

  • rockinron July 6, 2011

    damn i think that nig is ripe someone give her a squeeze

  • bighammer July 6, 2011

    she looks like she cant take a real dick

  • nicorusz July 14, 2011

    Seems that she saw "The Ring"

  • mylarjorgen September 5, 2011

    Is there a fly on my nose?

  • donunderstan October 13, 2013

    She looks surprised to see me.

  • maddog123 May 8, 2015

    When I first started drinking which was first day out of boot camp my buddy's got me drunk and laid now I don't remember the fucking part but I remember the waking up part and dam that woman in Lawton looks just like this bitch this one here on this post might be in better shape I mean waking up still pretty drunk and starring you in the face is a goddam monster I didn't even get all of my uniform came back on base half naked stinking of puke and monster pussy and wouldn't you know it I got thru the gate but I didn't get past my still drill instructor by the time he got thru with me he had me wishing I was back at that hotel eating that monsters pussy !

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