Will Your Awesome Ass Marry Me?

I never thought I'd say this, but I'm ready to get married. All I know about her is she cooks and she has possibly the most amazing ass I've ever seen. That's all I need. She could bitch at me all day and spend all my money, but as long as I get a couple hours of quality time with that beautiful dumper every day, I'll be a happy man.

  • boobles July 7, 2011

    At last you posted my pics!!!!

  • bigtalk July 7, 2011

    damn i'll camp on that all day

  • pizzapie July 7, 2011

    Adam give it up, she doesn't have a cock

  • zmolez July 7, 2011

    Id like her to put my weiner between those buns,raw of course

  • coonboy July 7, 2011

    I hope shes not grilling her weenie.

  • asstro July 7, 2011

    You know it's a nice ass when you show the old lady and all she has to say is, "Can we get one of those"

  • dozer67 July 7, 2011

    Im worried this is CS,she must have a penus..... Fuck it she's got a hot ass and is cooking a meal I'm in.

  • gabryl July 7, 2011

    i got to tell you , my dad is in his fiftis, and this last fathers day i got him what he all ways wanted but know i wish i got him this for good old dad .

  • rockinron July 7, 2011

    big talk you'd camp on a anything if it stood still long enough.

  • lordan July 7, 2011

    Step away bitch that's a man's BBQ you don't need a oven glove to hold the utensil. Go get the Beer

  • hoplite July 7, 2011

    Grilled Cheese Sammich?

  • yeayeayea July 7, 2011

    YEah baby, let's grind some mear between those sweet buns. I even brought my own gravy.

  • boredshitless July 7, 2011

    i'd do whatever she wanted... except let her touch my grille! she cooks inside i cook outside got it?

  • asstro July 7, 2011

    I have been back 3 times now to check out the ass and I still aint seen the grill. That ass is awesome...

  • mccracken July 7, 2011

    Future post for adam: Front pic, her dick is on the grill...

  • detroitleanin July 7, 2011

    Damn, I just cant stop looking at that ass....

  • ohwickedwendi July 7, 2011

    But I WOULD hit that.

  • cthulu July 7, 2011

    Like 2 christmas hams

  • thederp July 7, 2011

    i'd do japanese scat porn with her.

  • downunder69 July 8, 2011

    look in the back ground... possibly on a farm... point is she probably has her own horse fucking studio, why else is a fine looking ass floating around like that, i could be wrong

  • fiercepierce July 8, 2011

    That is a fine ass, but lets get real Adam she is way above your stature in life.

  • sscars July 8, 2011

    hate to shatter ya'll assperations. but a bitch that fine can't cook.

  • happyjack July 8, 2011

    It looks good, but also looks like she is wearing a wig and with all that muscle tone and the glasses covering half her face there may be an extra sausage there that isn't on the grill.

  • rodgtard July 8, 2011

    The propane bottle is missing. Hank Hill would have a shit fit

  • angelo85 September 29, 2011

    damn and she isnt even black just hope it is a she cant ever tell on this web site

  • ludicolo January 12, 2012

    great ass

  • donunderstan October 13, 2013

    I'd lick her ass but it'd take me a week to wrangle those calves.

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