The Only Place to Get a Tan

Starbutts is the only place I got to get my tanning on. I also like a nice Brazilian wax every few weeks or so. Keeps me feeling silky smooth. Oddly enough, there is a Starbucks right next to Starbutts. Don't get those two confused, you don't want a hot, expensive cup of coffee poured on your private parts.

  • 2indastink July 16, 2011

    no blacks allowed.

  • happyjack July 16, 2011

    I think I can see 2indastink inside getting his butt hole tanned, waxed, and nailed.

  • spaulding July 16, 2011

    I wonder if they can shine it up like chrome

  • aloha July 16, 2011

    i wonder if i go there ill see bbw women..

  • oicu8abullet July 16, 2011

    Hey, that's where I get my asshole bleached.

  • rockinron July 16, 2011

    star jones has a new bussiness?

  • boredshitless July 16, 2011

    i bet thats in the jewish part of fla.

  • ohwickedwendi July 16, 2011

    Hellz yeah I'd go one likes a hairy pussy.

  • buttdarts July 16, 2011

    My cousin owns that place.

  • thederp July 16, 2011

    ^^do they give happy endings?

  • maximxj750 July 16, 2011

    starbucks should sue for trademark infringemnet on the basis of likelyhood of confusion.

  • downunder69 July 16, 2011

    no blacks allowed

  • fiercepierce July 17, 2011

    Blacks wouldn't go there, tanning is also called sunBATHING, and we all know the niggers don't like to bath.

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