User Submitted Broken Arm

This here is a user submitted broken arm resulting from a rollover car accident. It's always nice when our members think about us after getting fucked up in some way. We're just glad he is OK and still able to checkout Crazyshit. Operating a mouse and beating off at the same time may be a challenge at first, but we trust he'll manage.

  • lenny9651 July 22, 2011

    you forgot to write c.s. on it

  • jaton July 22, 2011

    I got involved in a car crash once and got away with a broken arm. Don't know whose, but it's mine now.

  • boredshitless July 22, 2011

    have to use the left one now! its like a stranger in the bed

  • praedictum July 22, 2011

    ^^ i always use both hands when i masturbate.

  • cooleo July 22, 2011

    probably from jackin off his boyfriend

  • m1009 July 22, 2011

    ^damn you cooleo i was gonna say something in the affect of him missing a stroke and had to blame it on a car wreck, i mean would u tell somebody that u broke your arm from masturbating or would u come up with a car wreck as a cover up.

  • rockinron July 22, 2011

    looks like mom walked in while he was pounding his pontiac and when he rolled over he skipped a beat and broke his wrist, yup one helluva rollover!!

  • bigtalk July 22, 2011

    time to go southpaw for awhile

  • coonboy July 22, 2011

    ^Monkeys dont have paws.

  • fiercepierce July 22, 2011

    I have had bigger mosquito bites than that little bump.

  • oicu8abullet July 22, 2011

    Nice wreck. High five!

  • xxranger July 22, 2011

    hit it again but this time put some stank on it

  • sicasso July 22, 2011

    The gerble he put in his ass trying to get out.

  • rodgtard July 22, 2011

    Had it in Adams ass and he farted

  • u_mad_bro July 22, 2011

    challenge accepted

  • ohwickedwendi July 22, 2011

    All right...which one of you broke that arm destroying your dick?

  • downunder69 July 22, 2011


  • hatemail July 22, 2011

    Is that popeye

  • stevenh915 July 22, 2011

    distal radius dislocation, i broke both my wrists playing football, both arms in casts for 4 months, try wanking with a cast on both hands. this one girl offered to shave my face for me, so i agree to that and the first thing she did was drop to her knees and start chewing on my cock. gota love the sluts!

  • d90girl July 23, 2011

    Wow, didn't think you could get Bunions on yer arm !!

  • etdaddy July 23, 2011

    when reach a rounds go bad

  • azzholee July 23, 2011

    too much wanking

  • wulberdee July 24, 2011


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