Pull Her String

I'm cool with the see through dress and no underwear, but maybe it's not the best idea when your vag is bleeding. But it doesn't phase me, cause I'll yank that fucker right out with my teeth and make some tampon nunchucks.

  • gabryl August 2, 2011

    Im going to pull some strings and make it work.

  • judasz August 2, 2011

    That carpet must be real fucking dirty. That girls feet are just fucking Nasty.

  • bigtalk August 2, 2011

    you think thats gross her shoes use to be white

  • hammerdown August 2, 2011

    hmm,see thru dress no undies ,dirty feet gotta be in the trailer hood

  • hatemail August 2, 2011

    Which is nastier her feet or her bloody cunt

  • atmydismay August 2, 2011

    I'd only fuck her no strings attached.

  • arkangle666 August 2, 2011

    it's fucking disturbing that she's letin' that nasty little string hang out, but it's really fucking hot that she's goin' panty less, i smell a porno

  • badastronaut August 2, 2011

    maybe its a creampie

  • d90girl August 2, 2011

    Someone light that fuse !

  • ballzdeepnu August 2, 2011

    Jerk that fucker out and keep the party going

  • lenny9651 August 2, 2011

    WARNING!!! they are much more likely to explode when you can see the fuse

  • dazzza August 2, 2011

    So that's what they mean by going out on the pull !

  • ghosthunter August 2, 2011

    Just put some roller skates on her and now you have a pull toy

  • downunder69 August 2, 2011

    i would hit that shit all night

  • etdaddy August 2, 2011

    and a cow goes "MOOOOOOOOOOOOO"

  • larbob August 2, 2011

    she still has a mouth.

  • ohwickedwendi August 2, 2011


  • rockinron August 2, 2011

    sure wish someone had a vid of a chick getting her string yanked to teach all these nasty bitchs a lesson that go with out undies when there aunt flows in town!!

  • damiancorpus August 2, 2011

    fuck the string, did you see the nasty ass feet on that broad in front of her?

  • boredshitless August 2, 2011

    you know your not a nigger when your chick has a flat ass and can see her tampon string!

  • island_mon August 2, 2011

    Seems to me she would be wearing those granny bloomers during this difficult time.

  • fiercepierce August 3, 2011

    I want to pull her string, just so I can hear her tampon go slllluuuuurp plooooppp

  • stevenh915 August 3, 2011

    make nunchucks? your gona need 2 bleeding gals to do that adam, back to school for you my crazy shittin amigo !. unless she has a pussy the size of j d's ass then for'fuckin'get it!

  • bite-me71 August 3, 2011

    So if you pull her string she will stop talking.

  • rodgtard August 3, 2011

    Oh look. There is a cunt with a bloody cunt

  • rodgtard August 3, 2011

    It should be illegal for a cunt to go out on the town, wasting a guys time and money while knowing all along her pussy is hemorrhaging blood. Therefore making it useless except to draw flies

  • h4mx0r August 3, 2011

    No undies = Id fuck that

    No undies with period and tampon strings = Fuck that

    Come on seriously, who wouldnt think it would hang the fuck down?

  • goodbye August 3, 2011

    Ecky, von lost bun doodle hi, vin dustly big ni, thig bonsaybid sai glog.

    If you just read that then I just wasted your time...ahahahaha, nice med string, shame about the fat fuck wearing it.

  • ohwickedwendi August 3, 2011

    I think I am going to invent tampons with flesh colored strings.

  • wargod August 3, 2011

    Is THAT where I put my teabag?

  • bromance3000 August 4, 2011


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