Can I Borrow A Dollar?

OK, so for 99 cents, I get a small slut and a corndog. I like it so far, but I have a few questions. First of all, how small is the slut? Is it a midget slut, or is she even of age? If she's not of age, is Dairy Queen liable? And what about this corndog deal? Does the 99 cents cover anything I want my slut to do with the corndog? If I want to put it up her ass and have her push it back out into my mouth, is she going to ask me for $50. Call me a skeptic, but this deal just sounds too good to be true. Now let me find a dollar.

  • buttdarts August 17, 2011

    They can keep the corndog

  • sactownryder August 17, 2011

    Bitch gave my kids meal the herps

  • rodgtard August 17, 2011

    dairy queen doesnt have sluts. They have crossdressing queers.

  • tgarner August 17, 2011

    If the small slut has a dick, I'm not interested, not even for a 99 cents!

  • grinder August 17, 2011

    i'm digging in my change jar now

  • killkenny August 17, 2011

    Bet that causes a 'flurry' of questions and a 'blizzard' of replies.

  • dopesmoker August 17, 2011

    Mmmm... corndogs!

  • boredshitless August 17, 2011

    damn today's kids are illiterate

  • hatemail August 17, 2011

    I'll take four please

  • lenny9651 August 17, 2011

    lunch and pussy for 99 cents, can't beat that deal

  • stevenh915 August 17, 2011

    i need the dollar, dollar , dollar is what i need HEY HEY. . .

  • bman32425 August 17, 2011

    What's the return policy on the sluts?

  • fiercepierce August 17, 2011

    Seriously Adam, you want to eat a corndog from a sluts ass? Do you have any idea how much man juice and shit is up a sluts ass?

  • thederp August 17, 2011

    you can kick me in the nuts at 3:46 a.m. on any morning on any day of the week and i'd always be in the mood for a slut and a corndog.

  • ohwickedwendi August 17, 2011

    So...what flavors do your sluts come in?

  • onlywhitefolks August 17, 2011

    two please

  • rodeye2 August 17, 2011

    That's how Adam re-caps an ass,shoves a corndog up it and pulls the stick out.

  • rockinron August 18, 2011

    so how much is a regular size slut? and do i hafta buy a corndog to get thighs with that?

  • theaussie August 18, 2011

    Ill take one but please don't tell me that its supersize for free day.

  • downunder69 August 18, 2011

    Anything up a sluts ass I'll eat!! Bring it on fags

  • strayak47 August 18, 2011

    how many small sluts equal a full slut? and are they a one time use only item?

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