This Drinking Game Sucks

I don't think I like where their little drinking game is going. Don't these guys know that drinking games were created to get girls drunk so they take their clothes off. Nobody wants to see this guy's pasty white ass. Even she doesn't want to look. Now feed her some booze and start working to get her top off.

  • lenny9651 August 30, 2011

    he seems a little too happy that some guy is looking at his junk

  • numberonefan August 30, 2011

    I think this guy should go to the tanning bed.

    Very sad that I can see his backside.

    @ Guy in pic turn around and send more pics :-)

  • yeayeayea August 30, 2011

    I don't want to know.

  • lenny9651 August 30, 2011

    ^^^jay, i know you got the ban hammer waiting for the black jokes, but is it ok to pick on this little nazi fag?

  • vikingshill August 30, 2011

    Two dollar hookers are never a good idea.

  • keymaster August 30, 2011


  • tgarner August 30, 2011

    I get the feeling that the young guy just said, "You want me to suck what?"

  • strayak47 August 30, 2011

    i dont think she got the memo yet, its not rape if you yell suprize. that guy is smiling because that ruffie gotta kick in sooner or later, and all he has to say is one word to start the party

  • hatemail August 30, 2011

    Ma'am. Please get out of the fag cage we will not be responsible. If you get hurt

  • necrose3 August 30, 2011


  • 2indastink August 30, 2011

    fucking bollocks.

  • rockinron August 30, 2011

    im afraid that this kids gonna remember this day for the next 75 years.

  • grinder August 30, 2011

    I see a 3 way getting ready to happen,only i don't believe the female will be the center of attention.

  • erisnoelle August 30, 2011

    Dude's got one hell of a farmer's tan.

  • fiercepierce August 30, 2011

    That is numberonefan's dad and mom, they are both looking at the greasy dirty bag geek for the same thing, his cock.

  • island_mon August 30, 2011

    I count six bottles and the bitch still ain't drunk!

  • thederp August 30, 2011

    one thing he is not: a sore loser... or well hung, either.

  • picklehiesner August 30, 2011

    MOM! wtf

  • bigtalk August 30, 2011

    this tired old trailer park story cousin/brothers fucking cousin/sister

  • boredshitless August 30, 2011


  • ohwickedwendi August 30, 2011

    Oh, just slip a couple of roofies in her drink, will you? I'm having to actually pay attention to her.

  • downunder69 August 30, 2011

    What ever the game is .. I,ll bet he's not complaining

  • rodeye2 August 31, 2011

    Ma'am I'm not sucking your finger I seen where you had it.

  • bromance3000 August 31, 2011

    guess the pale man is a light weight

  • liberalssuck August 31, 2011


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