There's Something In My Eye

How the fuck does this happen? Well, apparently the pruning shears fell into the ground blades first, and then the guy fell on the shears eye first. And somehow didn't lose his eye. That's one lucky gardener, but maybe he doesn't need to be handling anymore sharp tools.

  • yeayeayea September 1, 2011

    nazi fan would find a way to "accidentally" get a phone pole inside his ass.

  • chupamiverga September 1, 2011

    numberonefan did this with his dads dick before

  • numberonefan September 1, 2011

    I think this poultry shears in my ass would be more fun.

    I have never tried this bevor, thanks for the inspiration.

    (I have only tried candles and other small stuff)

  • rockinron September 1, 2011

    he was 86 years old and was outta the hospital in 3 days. lucky old fuck.

    i saw this on another site.

  • lenny9651 September 1, 2011

    that's one hell of a gardening accident

  • lenny9651 September 1, 2011

    i'm starting to think that numberone fan and bigtalk are the same person, a little german fag pretending to be a lazy black guy on welfare, those nazis are sneaky bastards

  • hatemail September 1, 2011

    Number one fan yearbook picture most likely to be a fag

  • stevenh915 September 1, 2011

    so mr smith what seems to be the problem?

  • yomammasass September 1, 2011

    numberonefan = marsape = skylerblue

  • tgarner September 1, 2011

    He thought he had an eye for gardening!

  • smudge September 1, 2011

    must have some serious nose hair for that shears

  • bucknuts September 1, 2011

    them eye-boogers can be tuff to get at sometimes.,.,.

  • rodgtard September 1, 2011

    if it would have shown the pruning shears loping off numberonefans nuts it would be worthy of a comment.

  • bigtalk September 1, 2011

    whites if it isn't welfare its workmans comp lazy pack of sub humans

  • strayak47 September 1, 2011

    ^^^well did i hear you call yourself sub human?^^^

  • honkie365 September 1, 2011

    The X ray must be of a black persons skull. Notice there is no brain detected.

  • sicasso September 1, 2011

    His mom always said "don't walk with shears in your hand" but you did'nt listen.

  • boredshitless September 1, 2011

    this was cool, he can still see out of his eye. this gives a whole new meaning to 86ing something!

  • boredshitless September 1, 2011

    judging by the sewn back together ass crack that you posted a few weeks ago #1 fan i suggest you smuggle bombs, just so we can shoot you in the ass and you finally get the bang you've always wanted!

  • wackinisgood September 1, 2011

    unless your wantin to hook up with the #1fag, adam, can you get rid ofhim for us, hes really fuckin annoying, this is afterall crazyshit not gross stupid shit eh?

  • ohwickedwendi September 1, 2011

    C'mon ron, spill the spoiler alert.

  • fiercepierce September 2, 2011

    Fucking Mexicans, come here to get free health care.

  • rodeye2 September 2, 2011

    The old fart was attepting to trim the ol'lady's bush.

  • u-235 September 2, 2011

    He thought running with scissors was old. So he tried shears instead.

  • etdaddy September 5, 2011

    jose said he knew what the pruners were for

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