Would You Hit It? Lopsided Linda

As if her nasty stretch mark covered belly wasn't bad enough already, she's got to deal with lopsided tits too. I know one tit is often bigger than the other, but this bitch needs two different cup sizes on one bra. Which of you sick fucks is ready to hit that shit?

  • etdaddy September 29, 2011

    a pump a pump, her titties need a pump

  • downunder69 September 29, 2011

    i feel sorry for this chick.. shes most probably had a few kids and battled breast cancer, but look,n at her dirty tramp stamps , she,s a biker kfc eat,n bitch that got knifed in a cat fight

  • etdaddy September 29, 2011

    if you can tit fuck this then you truly are a pornstar

  • zmolez September 29, 2011

    Makes it feel like you got 2 different girls at once!!

  • iluvkitty September 29, 2011

    I need some coffee, ......for that muffin-top.

  • frankdrebin September 29, 2011

    i'd do the helicocker move in the pic before on that bellybutton

  • two-hats September 29, 2011

    Hey where's you other boob?.....I left-tit behind.

  • beetzter September 29, 2011

    hmmmm would i hit it ?!?!? maybe. how looks like the face ?

  • tgarner September 29, 2011

    Just cause I feel sorry for her don't mean I have to fuck it!

  • hatemail September 29, 2011

    Breast job stretch mark cream she good to go for 5 more brats

  • bigjoke September 29, 2011

    Well I wouldn't hit it, but someone already has. Made the mistake of knocking it up too. It was probably bigtalk???

  • grinder September 29, 2011

    If I blew on one tit,would it inflate the other?

  • lenny9651 September 29, 2011

    ladies always buy the right size bra

  • bigtalk September 29, 2011

    how many kids is she breast feeding

  • willylickaball September 29, 2011

    She must have traded a tit for a tat

  • visioncomp September 29, 2011

    I went to High School with her! We called her "BigTit-LittleTit". And we all hit it. That was before the stretch marks! LOL

  • ludenlasivius September 29, 2011

    I would not hit that with my dick -

    I would not hit that with a brick -

    I would not hit that Sam I Am -

    I do not like your titties, ma'am.

  • ohwickedwendi September 29, 2011

    If you painted her orange, she'd look like a pumpkin.

  • dazzza September 29, 2011

    One hung low, Chinese hooker maybe ?

  • boredshitless September 29, 2011

    not without seeing the face but i bet she has a fat ass.

  • lightfighter September 29, 2011

    Come on. Almost everyone of you would fuck her. She's so hot remember? Don't wanna hurt her feelings. Come on ouch you know you want it. It looks better than your whore. This chick is hot win nice tits motorboatin time!!!!! You pathetic fucks.

  • gurtman23 September 29, 2011

    its numberonefans mom

  • jerkzoff September 29, 2011

    Roll her over and tap dat azz! Dat's what you do with fugly chicks!

  • asstro September 29, 2011

    Why would you let yourself be photographed ???

  • pistolwhip September 29, 2011

    should of wrought C s on them

  • creep6 September 29, 2011

    do bra's come in A cup, C cup size? im still wondering how that shit happens?

  • d82ndabn September 29, 2011

    You're an asshole, Bigtalk. FACT!

  • boobles September 29, 2011

    This poor woman is from Milldat

    She has triplets named Nat, Tat and Pat

    Was fun in the breeding, but hell in the feeding

    She didn't have a spare tit for Tat.

  • ballzdeepnu September 29, 2011

    I dont usally say no but kinda scared that puss is as ugly as that belly

  • thederp September 29, 2011

    her torso is saying "HURRR DURRR DERP!"

  • bluesboy September 29, 2011

    @bigtalk By the looks of her shes fat and white so she must be your wife or some other niggers wife

  • erisnoelle September 29, 2011

    Oh dear lord...that means children have seen her in a tube top.

  • u_mad_bro September 29, 2011

    adam, would you hit it?

  • d90girl September 29, 2011

    Welfare at it's finest !!

  • dozer67 September 30, 2011

    Don't worry babe one of my nuts is bigger than the other and my gut sags too,we are like sole mates.

  • fiercepierce September 30, 2011

    She's a poster child to promote tube tying.

  • bite-me71 September 30, 2011

    Hit it, yeah with a boob job and tummy tuck.

  • wargasm313 September 30, 2011

    Her belly looks like a map of the surface of Mars. Also, bigtalk is a chicken and watermelon eating jungle bunny nig-nug.

  • treehouse21 October 1, 2011

    That looks like a giant hemorrhoid!

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