User Boobs Are Better Than...

Today's tits came to us bearing this message, "my tits arent great but damn they have to be better than the shit you have been posting lately". I believe she is referring to this and this. Thank you, Miss, for your passion of user boobs and for keeping them coming. We always need user tits and ass, so if you have some, write crazyshit on them and send them in.

  • crazyportugese October 3, 2011

    keep comming in my head...nhom nhom nhom nhom nhom!!

  • pistolwhip October 3, 2011

    thank you...8/10

  • boredshitless October 3, 2011

    i bet you have a nice ball cushion too!

  • downunder69 October 3, 2011

    good girl good girl.. pat on the backside for that, setting a great example there for the rest of the ladies

  • gurtman23 October 3, 2011


  • two-hats October 3, 2011

    Thanks for sharing sweetheart. love the black n white look too.

  • cthulu October 3, 2011

    nice and soft...much better than hard, nasty inflated fake ones that are cockeyed

  • bigtalk October 3, 2011

    i totally agree with her

  • etdaddy October 3, 2011

    heavy milk laden breast, i'm lovin it

  • buttdarts October 3, 2011

    Thanks for saving us maam ;)

  • asstro October 3, 2011

    Ur awesome for doing ur part, thanks soooo much...

  • lightfighter October 3, 2011

    Good God, what is she 60 and weigh like 350? You didn't save shit you fat bitch. People like you are the problem, you think you look good but you don't. Your family has been lying to you about your looks. Face reality, you're fucking fat and only a loser like ouch would fuck you. Go back to your trailer, quit taking the pills and move over to meth, at least you'll slim up a little.

  • treehouse21 October 3, 2011

    lightfighter, did you even read her message? She says she knows they don't look good! Plus,you seriously just admitted you'd rather look at a man's blown out asshole than a woman's tits. I'm starting to think that you and numberonefan are the same person.

  • lightfighter October 3, 2011

    Yeah I just read it. At least she accepts it, I'll give her that.

    No, not a fan of dudes, or numberonefan either. I like nice boobs. They are few and far between on here.

  • sandgroper October 3, 2011

    sorry lightfigter you wonted some more user cock dident you what are you no1 fans bitch?

  • lenny9651 October 3, 2011

    thanks, much better than the fag pics adam loves so much

  • moldedguppy October 3, 2011

    Thank you ma'am, I am greatful very nice boobage.

  • chargers October 3, 2011

    yep, looks like lightfigter and #1fan are one in the same.You 2 should get a room..

    To this hot mama with the nice boobs , Thank You so much. You just keep being you! Tell your friends to joing in.

  • headofwine October 3, 2011

    I like lightfighter. He has standarts.

  • ohwickedwendi October 3, 2011

    Well....I like those boobies. Good you you, girlfriend.

  • grinder October 3, 2011

    Very nice "real girl" boobs.Thanks sweety!

  • smurfcock October 3, 2011

    Thank you for sharing your boobs with us. I love all boobs as long as I can see them...

  • gurtman23 October 3, 2011

    those tits would make Stevie wonder puke.

  • tgarner October 3, 2011

    I'll gladly look at anybody's boobs at least once ;)

  • dazzza October 3, 2011

    fuck me bigtalk you got a +...did you smoke too much weed and whitey ?

  • the_argus October 3, 2011

    I'll take that over a cock and and hairy asshole any day.

  • razorx October 3, 2011


  • dozer67 October 3, 2011

    Yes I like her boobs, but I complained about the crack addicted old lady boobs you guys posted a few weeks back.A picture of a guys blown out ass or a mini dick is never a good alternitve to user boobs of any kind.

  • titsucker October 3, 2011


  • rimjobber October 3, 2011

    Fat saggy tit pig.

  • yeayeayea October 3, 2011


  • hatemail October 3, 2011

    Don't ever post these tits again

  • boredshitless October 3, 2011

    damn i thought most of the user boob bashing would have benn gone when ron got banned

  • fiercepierce October 3, 2011

    lightfighter, come on admit it, you like numberonefan's speckled pecker up your ass. I am not saying those are the greatest tits but they are by far better looking than some guys cock and balls.

  • thederp October 3, 2011

    the lesser evil, i guess. i know adam can't wait to let the tranny pics rip.

  • hempstix October 3, 2011

    I call bull shit that jays knockers

  • skydiver29 October 3, 2011

    "my tits arent great but damn they have to be better than the shit you have been posting lately"..... No sadly,they are about the same. Par for crazyshit.

  • siko666 October 4, 2011

    Thankyou for your contrubution sweetie...both of-em. ;)

  • liberalssuck October 4, 2011

    The way they look the chick is 5'4" 270LBs and married to a Nigger that likes FAT ugly white women...

  • spicee October 4, 2011

    photoshop the dicks off the trannies and post those instead

  • fuckinumd October 4, 2011

    so why don't you post your tits skydiver29 ???

  • skydiver29 October 4, 2011

    ^^^Well, for starters I dont have any.

  • skydiver29 October 4, 2011

    Read the description you dingdong.

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