Chan And His Foreskin Will Be Missed

Old Chan was a good guy and he'll certainly be missed. But instead of mourning his death, we should celebrate his life. It's not everyday you meet a man who was circumcised with his dad's pocket knife, but when you do, cherish the memories.

  • frankdrebin October 20, 2011

    72 years of no dick cheese. thanks daddy.

  • athrun2021 October 20, 2011

    so that was the bait he used to fish with hmm

  • tgarner October 20, 2011

    Notice there is no mention od kids. Daddy must of cut him a little short!

  • ludenlasivius October 20, 2011

    And he was nursed on his dad's trouser-trout.

  • downunder69 October 20, 2011

    speaking of death notices ... BYE BYE GADDAFI.. HOPEFULLY YOUR IN TOMORROWS POSTS

  • lenny9651 October 20, 2011

    i catch a lot of crappie at work every day

  • grinder October 20, 2011

    I hope it was sharper than the cartels knife usually is

  • unlimitdinches October 20, 2011

    I wonder how many holcombe men have been cut down by that pocket knife

  • willylickaball October 20, 2011

    People always said he was a cut abve the rest of anyone in his community

  • fiercepierce October 20, 2011

    Listen hear you young whipper snapper, my daddy clipped my dick with his own pocket knife, that has kept my cock clean for 70 plus years. NOW GIT YOUR SNAPPER ON MY COCK.

  • mccracken October 20, 2011

    I guess it took that long yeah for the infection from the pocket knife to finally kill him.

  • biggertalk October 20, 2011

    is he asian

  • boredshitless October 20, 2011

    i guess no one believes in TMI anymore!

  • ohwickedwendi October 20, 2011

    Ya know--I laid awake last night wondering if Chan was circumcised with a pocket knife...I can rest easy now, finally knowing the answer.

  • carinya October 20, 2011

    proud as shit.

  • rodeye2 October 21, 2011

    That old rusty pocket knife now lays in the Fort Smith museum.

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