Dear Cab Driver

Dear Cab Driver, please take this napkin and take me home. I'm sure this will work out well. You fill it out before you start drinking, and tuck it into your jacket pocket. That should do the trick. Maybe someone should add in there, do not butt rape me while I am passed out in your backseat.

  • 2indastink November 5, 2011

    lick my hairy balls whilst your down there too driver.

  • freakzz November 5, 2011

    i'll be happy to look in you'r thong

  • julzzinurmom November 5, 2011

    i need one of them

  • massiveballs November 5, 2011

    If you’re passed out and the cab drivers looking for a napkin, you got bigger issues

  • downunder69 November 5, 2011

    ^^ also massiveballs .. if you wake up with a ten dollar note hang,n in your back pocket and a phone number call me between 5-7pm weeknights

  • etdaddy November 5, 2011

    i usually keep a 20 in my ass crack, haven't paid for a ride home yet

  • tat2d_soldier November 5, 2011 drivers dont know english

  • u_mad_bro November 5, 2011

    i'll have to remember to get one of these cards

  • willylickaball November 5, 2011

    ^^^It's a napkin bro. And look, it has a space to tell them you got some duckies tucked under your forskin.

  • grinder November 5, 2011

    well,that explains how i ended up at home flat broke with my watch and shoes missing

  • tgarner November 5, 2011

    That would be useless to me, I would just end up wiping my ass with it before the night was over!

  • biggertalk November 5, 2011

    how about i just take the money and drop the bitch/homo in the gutter

  • boredshitless November 5, 2011

    delivering pizza pays better with more naked chicks too.

  • darkdeadevil November 5, 2011

    If she gives head, she'll get a free ride home. lol

  • rockinron November 5, 2011

    fuck that shit you all can go home like that and plan for it. but im gonna be getting me some fine ass tang and not worryy about going home.

  • fiercepierce November 6, 2011

    ^^biggertalk^^ spoken like a true 13 year old gangsta thug wannabe, punk.

  • rodeye2 November 6, 2011

    [x]other [in my ass].

  • biggertalk November 6, 2011

    fiercepierce ill show u a wannabe thug, pussy.

  • fiercepierce November 6, 2011

    ^^biggertalk^^ Again spoken like a true 13 year old gangsta thug wannabe, punk.

  • frankdrebin November 6, 2011

    if you try that you'll wake up with more money in your pocket and a paining asshole

  • ohwickedwendi November 6, 2011

    I don't need no stinkin cab.

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