Crazyshit User Boob Party

Today we have not one, but two pair of user boobs that love crazyshit. That's almost more love than we can handle. Well, maybe not. Thanks for the tits, ladies. We want more tits and ass to post, so whip them out, write crazyshit on them, and send us pictures.

  • frankdrebin November 14, 2011

    you love CS and I love titty parties. we all win

  • azzholee November 14, 2011


  • mrmexicano November 14, 2011

    whats better than one pair of user boobs? two pair of user boobs

  • killkenny November 14, 2011

    Four?? SCORE!! Thanx ladies.

  • crkrbob November 14, 2011

    New wrigley Double Mint commercial?

  • lightfighter November 14, 2011

    Fuck. Those first pair look like dried up kiwi fruit. Even though they are small they still point down. Looks like sh has 5 kids. I know there was no breast feeding. Poor kids woulda starved. The second chick is ok. Pretty saggy sad looking tits. The skank whore tattoo gives away alot about her. They both look like biker slits that have been ran through too many times. The last pic is just a disaster. I see those wobbly guts. Those pathetic tits can't hide the fat lumps and over stretched kid factories you call a stomach. The one on the left looks like she has a bicycle tire around her gut and the other is just fat all the way down. Trailer skanks if I've ever seen. You two must be from Arkansas.

  • headofwine November 14, 2011

    Awful tits :) No offence.

  • krazykracker November 14, 2011

    Id fuck both sets! Hell ive fucked worse. Least its tits and not dicks!

  • onetime42 November 14, 2011

    My God! The only thing missing in these photos is a milking machine.

  • siko666 November 14, 2011

    Thanks ladies, I like them :)

  • lenny9651 November 14, 2011

    the more the merrier

  • thederp November 14, 2011

    their definitely not twins. i'll tell'ya that much.

  • fiercepierce November 14, 2011

    Not only would I motorboat them, I would encourage those bitches to boooobie slap me.

  • rockinron November 14, 2011

    lightfighter said it all but forgot to say one thing....MMMM00000000000ooooooooooOOOOOOOOOO.

  • ballzdeepnu November 14, 2011

    Twofer thanks you ladies

  • corky November 14, 2011

    nipples on first pic. would choke a body.

  • boredshitless November 14, 2011

    ok so now i have to fap twice!

  • mccracken November 14, 2011

    two titties today, time to tug!

  • biggertalk November 14, 2011

    lightfighter, 2 thumbs up homie.

    seriously why do hoes even bother puttin more pics up, lightfighter is gonna destroy ur ass lol

  • numberonefan November 14, 2011

    Looks like country girl and her daughter are back.

  • slipdry November 14, 2011

    nice tits ladies

  • pacific November 14, 2011

    Mother & Daughter :-)

  • doinktheclown November 14, 2011

    That's fine you cocksuckers don't like em' I'll sure as hell take em'!!!

    Looking good ladies!

  • erisnoelle November 14, 2011


  • grinder November 14, 2011

    double bubbles and i like it!.thanks gals

  • keymaster November 14, 2011

    Four score and TEN

  • bluesboy November 14, 2011

    Damn, lightfighter got my respect

  • downunder69 November 14, 2011

    Thankyou ladies ... Nice !!!

  • ohwickedwendi November 14, 2011

    Now, that's a Monday pick me up if I ever saw one--excuse the pun.

  • dbear November 14, 2011

    Like them or not, at least someone sent in some titties.

  • tittysucker November 14, 2011

    Middle age saggy MILF tits still would fuck them between their tits!!!!!

  • madman316 November 14, 2011

    Only thing better than a pair of tits..Two pair of tits. Very nice ty ladies.

  • honkie365 November 15, 2011

    I've seen better, and I've seen worse.

    Would you let me lay my head on your lap and nurse?

  • u_mad_bro November 15, 2011

    the grass is always greener on the other side, now i can choose which side to go on

  • 5mokindro November 15, 2011

    fucking gross!!!!

  • fiercepierce November 15, 2011

    rockinron and lightfighter still waiting for you to send in pictures of your wives. "My wife has too much class to send in a titty picture to crazyshit." That old tired excuse does not fly, after all she fucks you does she?

  • rodgtard November 15, 2011

    lightfighter doesnt like any boobs. It's a sure sign he takes cock in the ass. probably bigger talk or 5smokinho's Keep posting tit's girls. Only the gay complain.

  • thegreatwhite November 15, 2011

    How could you take those pictures and be like "oh yea these are the ones" I like the tits but not the pictures.

  • bigtalk November 15, 2011

    what these white boys are trying to say is they dont want to see tits that they have at home you know cousin/mom or aunt/grandma they want to see tits that the will never be able to get and thumbs down pig skins gross

  • mobliz November 15, 2011

    well... atleast lightfighter didn't say alabama

  • etdaddy November 15, 2011

    gimme gimme gimme

  • raysmith November 15, 2011

    fuck lightfighter. there is no pleasing that fag unless he gets lots of user cocks to fap to. seriously dude, please kill yourself, and everyone who supports who should kill themselves too.

  • bernardpumpkin November 15, 2011


  • ouch November 15, 2011

    Lightfighter if you are going to insult people at least run it through a spell checker you illiterate fuck tard. F7 in MS word should help you

  • cthulu November 15, 2011

    LOL LIGHTFIGHTER Thanks for the Walmart titties ladies 4/10 and 5/10

  • lightfighter November 15, 2011

    Oh ouch you really hurt my feelings. You're so fucking far in left field in the outback you fucks don't even know what an iPhone is. Since I'm typically on my phone and apple has shitty predictive text a smart person ( you excluded) would realize that. Go fuck a kangaroo you stumpy fat girl fucker. As for the rest of you great crazyshitters that recognize fat ugly bitches, thank you for your support.

  • heatherfeather November 16, 2011

    #1 and #2 are both together in pic #3...and Ill be sure not to send my tits in lightfighter, ya know, not only do I have a whore stamp tattoo, but my tits are small, AND Ive created 3 kids in this overstretched kid factory.But on another note, Glad to know you were so disgusted that you wrote a whole damn book. Wife must not have gave up the pussy today. But its ok, it happens to the best of 'em (-:

  • heatherfeather November 16, 2011

    But dont worry Lightfighter,I havent had any in a while too so Im also pretty angry /-:

  • lightfighter November 16, 2011

    The difference is heather if that's you in the avatar you're hot.

  • heatherfeather November 18, 2011

    well..I guess that is a good difference huh? Btw, it is meeee(-:

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