Balls Eating Toad

I'm not sure if these are man balls or just a very unlucky animal that no longer has a set of balls. But that toad sure does like him some balls! Most likely though, it is some sick white dude that just cut his balls off and fed them to his pet toad for sexual satisfaction.

  • vulture November 26, 2011

    Looks like a cane toad,, i've seen them eat ping pong balls but this is a load of bollocks

  • crazyhorse21 November 26, 2011

    first bitches.... suck on those nuts

  • willylickaball November 26, 2011

    That's not how you get genital warts

  • downunder69 November 26, 2011

    john wayne bobbit is one unlucky motherfucka

  • 2indastink November 26, 2011

    legalize rape.

  • tripod November 26, 2011

    Yup, they totally look Human. And the surgical blue shroud fits - looks like some guy fed his balls to his toad. Now his wife and her attorney don't get them.

  • u_mad_bro November 26, 2011

    could be worse, you could have married the frog. then it would have gotten more than that

  • rodgtard November 26, 2011

    Human balls cut off and look who showed up, "Stan im gonna wack my pee pee off Underwood. Still got your cock Stan?

  • nogo November 26, 2011

    think of the tadpoles!

  • spinal12 November 26, 2011

    Cut of obama's little ball's and feed them to the baby bull frog.

  • iparkos November 26, 2011

    Now he's going to put the toad in his empty sack and sew that bad boy up!

  • lenny9651 November 26, 2011

    no more skinny dipping in the pond for me

  • rockinron November 26, 2011

    thats a pac man frog, its in his nature to eat little white balls.

  • biggertalk November 26, 2011

    deez nuts in yo mouth lmao

  • crazyvet November 26, 2011

    The Government is experimenting with a testicle eating critter to sneak into enemy sleeping bags ans freak them the fuck out.

  • honkie365 November 26, 2011

    I would guess numberonefan would know if they are human testicles, as he is our resident expert consumer.

  • nh3kid November 26, 2011

    Thats a mean bitch to cut off his balls and feed them to a frog. Damn

  • nh3kid November 26, 2011

    And Mr Honkie. I love the Avatar Pic . Fucking Brilliant!

  • soafan November 26, 2011

    That what you call serious love for your pet. Willing to cut off a part of yourself, and a very important part at that.

  • insane_person November 26, 2011

    thats a pacman frog. its not a toad. learn your stuff people!

  • catsyvixen November 26, 2011

    oh god... if those are human the sick fuck is retarded... balls serve a better purpose when attached.

  • trueass November 27, 2011

    poor kirby

  • fiercepierce November 27, 2011

    I say let the dumb bastard leave the human gene pool for the reptilian gene pool, at least there won't be any freaks like him wandering around the world.

  • mochalex November 27, 2011

    The testicle on the left looks like it has a spermatocele. Maybe the owner thought it was testicular cancer and thought he should act quickly.

  • honkie365 November 27, 2011


    Thank you kind sir,I'm glad you like it. It sort of resembles someone I've seen. I just can't put my finger on who it is..

  • dozer67 November 27, 2011

    apparently eating balls make you fat look at that fat fog

  • cellule November 27, 2011


  • soafan November 28, 2011

    @vulture its a pacman frog, not a cane toad. They eat just about anything and have teeth that are angles inward. Not something you want to stick your finger at if you ever want it back.

  • boredshitless November 28, 2011

    so who still wants to lick a frog and get high?

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