These Are Some Interesting Books

I never would have thought that placing a simple price sticker on a book could make it appear so much more interesting. Without the sticker, none of these books have any appeal to me, but somehow with the sticker, I'd be tempted to pick them up and have a gander.

  • crazyasshole December 26, 2011

    suck that dick winnie!

  • downunder69 December 26, 2011

    no wonder some kids are messed up... and then we have to explain to them at some stage that santa,s the one has sex with

  • one_percent December 26, 2011

    Book #2 explains how Mary lost her eyesight. Bitch didn't have the money so Charles had to beat the vision outta her head. Don't fuck with charles, he's a bad mutha...shut to mouf!

  • one_percent December 26, 2011


  • massiveballs December 26, 2011

    In Korea, Greyhound is considered fast food

  • clrz1000 December 26, 2011

    asians will think the last one is a comic book on shit porn.

  • tgarner December 26, 2011

    I got to find that prairie!

  • johnmadden11 December 26, 2011

    Rabbit likes to watch

  • lenny9651 December 26, 2011

    adam, never judge a book by it's cover

  • biggertalk December 26, 2011

    good reads

  • rodeye2 December 26, 2011

    Obama's personal library.

  • rockinron December 26, 2011

    no wonder i grew up fucked up, and spend most of my time on crazyshit.cum now.

  • imdashit17 December 26, 2011

    As if you can read. Good laugh though thanks niggertalk. I'm not erasing that cause I was spelling biggertalk and it autocorrected it in like that both times. Lol

  • ohwickedwendi December 26, 2011

    Those bastards--that's false advertising.

  • fiercepierce December 27, 2011

    My dog probably wouldn't like it if I cooked him, no matter what recipe I used him in.

  • spaulding December 27, 2011

    Winnie the Pooh is so fucked up.

    Winnie - Heroin addict

    Kanga and Roo - welfare recipients.

    Rabbit - drug dealer.

    Tigger - coke fiend

    Piglet - fag

    Christopher - drug kingpin

    Owl- corrupt sheriff

    Mole - drug smuggler

    EEYORE- fucking psychopath.

    No one tears apart the cupboards looking for "honey" Eeyore "loses" his tail to lure you back to his donkey lair of depravity, so he can torture you and fuck your eye sockets. You're better off just letting your kids watch Hostel with porn overdubs. Same shit, just not in cartoon form.

  • thederp December 27, 2011

    barnes and nobles is getting edgy.

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