She's All Done With School Now

It said this was a college student beheaded by her boyfriend. She must have smiled at her male professor, or maybe she got caught doing homework with a guy in her class. I guess we can just take her body over to the Anatomy building.

  • wallyjuanball January 2, 2012

    Shiiiit and I thought I had issues!

  • frankdrebin January 2, 2012

    that's what you get for wearing MC Hammer pants

  • godbluff January 2, 2012


  • 2indastink January 2, 2012

    ^^^^ like the orgasm your girlfriend gave you last night.

  • tgarner January 2, 2012

    Well you don't have to lose your head over it!

  • dozer67 January 2, 2012

    She prolly got better grades than him.

  • boppalilbit January 2, 2012

    Those split decisions never turn out right

  • downunder69 January 2, 2012

    her face looks so live like

  • smudge January 2, 2012

    immigration enriches society.....pfffft

  • crazyasshole January 2, 2012

    now she'll finally shut the fuck up!

  • rockinron January 2, 2012

    i guess her boyfriend showed her! thats the last time she will be rapped and tell her B,F.

  • sharkbait January 2, 2012

    At least he kept his head on his shoulders about it

  • thestrangler January 2, 2012

    Yeah!! That's how you show who's wearing the pants not to mention who's sticking what up whos choot. You take that, bitch! Don't you choke on that OR ELSE! :)))))

  • mccracken January 2, 2012

    shitty one deserves this - well maybe fiercepierce does!

  • onetime42 January 2, 2012

    I just want to know who she's giving head to?

  • biggertalk January 2, 2012

    she overcooked the pot roast again.

  • hatemail January 2, 2012

    I guess.shes head of the class /wait a minute shes headed this way /shes a head of the situation

  • pastxmas January 2, 2012

    That's it! No more Mr. Knife Guy!

  • crazyvet January 2, 2012

    No comment.

  • southernpride January 2, 2012

    Yes the Muslim religion is peace, loving,and happiness, wait that is the Christian's.

  • ohwickedwendi January 2, 2012

    As a woman, I am offended by this shit--who the hell does anyone think they are, thinking they "own" someone? Women are not objects, we are not property, and we are not personal whipping dogs for men. It's okay for men to sleep around, but if women do it, we're sluts and whores. It's okay for guys to be fat, ugly slobs, but should women show a pic on here, dare we not be supermodels. My late fiance tried to kill me, think I stuck around to see how close I could come to death? Fuck no. I got away. Fuck all you men who think women are property or objects.

    Okay...that's my rant, and I'm sticking to it.

  • gasguy January 2, 2012


  • lenny9651 January 2, 2012

    a woman wouldn't be caught dead wearing that...oh, nevermind

  • bronson210 January 2, 2012

    get your lazy ass off my floor whore

  • crazyvet January 2, 2012

    Not bad Wendi!!

  • drunkard January 2, 2012

    That's one way to get out of repaying your student loans.

  • nofnof January 3, 2012

    you can tell he really loved her

  • rodeye2 January 3, 2012

    Next time she better cover her face.

  • thederp January 3, 2012

    where's a burka when you need one? on the upside, it looks like jaffar finally got his revenge on that bitch jasmine. good for you, sir.

  • curiousfe January 3, 2012

    You do have issues..... man.

  • ghosthunter January 3, 2012

    Fucking Mexicans are trying to compete with the Fucking ragheads again.

  • shadowchaser January 3, 2012

    I have always hated college fuckers yapping about on their cell phones. I would watch them cross the street and pray that they don't pay attention and a car decapitates them. Good riddance.

  • thestrangler January 4, 2012

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^wendi, wtf are you doing here when you're obviously some deranged feminazi??! Go drown yourself, moron!

  • jed1 September 13, 2012

    She slipped and fell on a razor blade, yea right??

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