What You Trying to Say?

At first when they were sitting White, Cox, Short I was thinking that was weird. Then they just got up, and switched places. Then it all made perfect sense. Short, White, Cox are just waiting to get in the game.

  • lenny9651 January 28, 2012

    hey! that's racist, we don't do that here on crazyshit! (oh wait, we do)

  • wackinisgood January 28, 2012

    shut the fuck up bigtalk

  • tastycake January 28, 2012

    hahaha jersey numbers looks like their credit scores....

  • treehouse21 January 28, 2012

    As they say in the forums, "It's not racist if it's true."

  • sirfartsalot January 28, 2012

    My cock may be short...but it has the girth of a soda can!

  • hatemail January 28, 2012

    Fuckin racist

  • asstro January 28, 2012

    Suck and My were out on the court...

  • biggertalk January 28, 2012

    yeah everyone knows white boys have the smallest dicks, smaller than asian dudes lol.

  • theaussie January 28, 2012

    We and Love are seated to their left.

  • rockinron January 28, 2012

    the dude's named niggas and love were in the game

  • frankdrebin January 28, 2012

    my dick my be small, but that's why I make millions of dollars

  • bigtalk January 28, 2012


  • urinanus January 28, 2012

    nog nog nog ger

  • drunkard January 28, 2012

    They play for Nubbs university.

  • dozer67 January 28, 2012

    Har har har It's so funny cause it's not true...

  • lenny9651 January 28, 2012

    listen to biggertalk he's handled alot of asian cocks

  • drugs-and-hugs January 28, 2012

    idk if biggertalk has visited crazyshit often but i see like 50 massive white dicks everytime i enter this site lulzz

  • spinal12 January 28, 2012

    short white cox brought long black cox to a America

  • dumbnigger January 28, 2012

    With a slightly larger penis you inherit nigger syndrome and an incredibly small brain.

  • onetime42 January 29, 2012

    I'm assuming the numbers on their jerseys represents the number of illigitimate children that they've fathered.

  • rockinron January 29, 2012

    id rather have a bigger brain and a smaller dick then be black and go to prison for being no smarter then a gibbon.

  • treehouse21 January 29, 2012

    ^^I'm surprised you're not on death row by now.

  • ghosthunter January 29, 2012

    Are dicks might be smaller,but at least we have better CREDIT!!

  • jeepphil January 29, 2012

    nigger1 nigger2 nigger3

  • nh3kid January 29, 2012

    Make fun of the white man? who the fuck writes your pay check fuckers! This White guy! Bitches!

  • playswithzombi January 30, 2012

    ---just because it's true doesn't mean it's fuckin funny

  • erock January 30, 2012

    Just black guys on bench? Not on Crazyshit. Its a huge deal for you whites to spew nigger out as much as possible. Too bad these guys are prob going to get paid a shit load more than you lazy honkys because your kind are too frail or too fat to play basketball. I think you faggots are scared of black ppl, wont say a word to a black guy in RL and this is the only place you can talk shit with a gang of other worthless KKK members. Pussies.

  • faceies January 30, 2012

    dident need those pepole to tell me that ...basket ball players..black ones

  • ohwickedwendi February 1, 2012

    I liked the one where the two football players were sitting next to each other: one's jersey said Dingle, and the others said: Berry. Classic.

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