Would You Hit It? Big Ass Bebe

You like big butts, don't you? Here's one you could get all up in, and even bring a friend to help you out. She's even washing for you right now. I know you'll make us all proud and hit a grand slam.

  • mccracken February 23, 2012

    If she takes off that life preserver I might!

  • onetime42 February 23, 2012

    With a gallon of Soul Glow and one hell of a running start.

  • buttdarts February 23, 2012

    Even if a tsunami hit that she wouldn't feel it.

  • gasguy February 23, 2012

    ow HELL NO!!!

  • two-hats February 23, 2012

    No I wouldn't hit it but I'd like to see it wedged on the water slide.

  • yeayeayea February 23, 2012

    That is so fuckin disgustin.

  • urapnes1701d February 23, 2012

    I think even if a bus would hit that, the ass would win.

  • frankdrebin February 23, 2012

    where was this bitch when the levees were failing during Katrina

  • gofkurself February 23, 2012

    talk about alittle fat in the middle. wtf..

  • vulture February 23, 2012

    can you imagine the shock waves when she farts

  • hatemail February 23, 2012

    Now we know how they wash their azz

  • uk-13astard February 23, 2012

    i would hit it with a diet plan

  • thederp February 23, 2012


  • biggertalk February 23, 2012

    how is that possible...

  • picklehiesner February 23, 2012

    impossible ... for me anyway

  • ohwickedwendi February 23, 2012

    Hit it? I don't think I could be able to dodge that.

  • ihavenosoul February 23, 2012

    well japan better be ready i'm pretty sure a sunami is on its way now

  • morbuis669 February 23, 2012

    Its just a beached whale

  • lenny9651 February 23, 2012

    no, but i'd harpoon it

  • rockinron February 23, 2012

    i wonder how many people try to shove her back into the sea every time she lay's on the beach

  • mccracker February 23, 2012

    That is what happens when lazy niggers sit around waiting for their welfare check to arrive in the mail. Bitch is so stinky she has to wash off in the ocean so no one will see the mess she made of her life,

  • spaulding February 23, 2012

    She jumped in, and all the water jumped out. look at the bewildered faces on the children. They're looking all around for the water that used to be in the pool.

  • ghosthunter February 24, 2012

    Weight watchers is a must.. and leave the KFC ALONE!!!

  • bucknuts February 24, 2012

    Could prolly put a boat motor out the crack of her ass and tug out along the coast.,.,.,.,,.

  • boofano February 24, 2012

    for a laugh God made black people , now his just bragging .... hahahahahahahahahahahahh

  • dazzza February 24, 2012

    I've done some dohnuts in my time... but that takes the


  • soafan February 25, 2012

    Holy fuckin shit, I just had one of those scary adrenilin moments. She got some sorta pancake ass. That cant be normal. Is that a side effect of welfare?

  • dkgarr999 February 25, 2012

    Looks like she's going tubing except that she decide to stuff the inner-tube up her ass before they inflated it.

  • badgrim February 25, 2012

    in the event of a water landing your ASS can be used as a flotation device

  • boomdig February 26, 2012

    Now i have two

  • ohwickedwendi February 27, 2012

    Don't you mean it's a bleached whale, morbuis669?

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