Never Trust A News Anchor

I know they tell all kinds of lies on the news, so I've never trusted their kind, but I didn't expect them to be gang rapists. Those sick fucks. They probably have some victims tied up in the studio and give you the news right after a good raping.

  • uk-13astard March 1, 2012

    1st again bitches suck it

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  • onetime42 March 1, 2012

    The best part about this sign is the fact that I live in this shitty redneck town.

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  • sharkbait March 1, 2012

    Yes officer,thats them right there

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  • Adam H. March 1, 2012

    Don't get gang raped, onetime42.

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  • onetime42 March 1, 2012

    @Adam H. I'm from Ft. Lauderdale originally and I swear that I'll never get used to living in this shithole.

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  •   vulture March 1, 2012

    onetime42 must feel he's missed out

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  • uk-13astard March 1, 2012

    why do i picture ni99ers every time i hear gangrape

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  • frankdrebin March 1, 2012

    OH WORD!?, gangrape has the word grape in it son!! sign me up!

    +5 -1
  • onetime42 March 1, 2012

    @frankdrebin I believe you just earned your "brotha card" with that comment. Well done, sir.

    +2 -2
  •   rockinron March 1, 2012

    i raped a gang one time. they are still looking for me to this day.

    +1 -3
  • smudge March 1, 2012

    at least myFOXDetroit never have to change headline

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  • onetime42 March 1, 2012

    @smudge That's because there's nothing there but pawn shops and enough niggers to film several Tarzan movies.

    +3 -1
  •   rodgtard March 1, 2012

    Thats an obvious mistake. Only niggers gangrape

    +3 -1
  • mccracker March 1, 2012

    I have heard of that news show, its called Knee-grows at nine.

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  • yomammasass March 1, 2012

    This crime took place in Alabama. The white guy will get probation while the niggers get the chair.

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  •   dozer67 March 1, 2012

    That is one scary interacial gang rite there...

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  • ludenlasivius March 1, 2012

    I'd be proud too, but putting it on a billboard is just showing off. Dicks.

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  • lenny9651 March 1, 2012

    gosh and they looked like such nice people too

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  • boppalilbit March 1, 2012

    Gang rape??? heck last weekend at a card game this chick was pissed her cousin was in her room getting it from her bf and she said lets do what the are doing and idk if she knew what she was in for as I sat at the table I watched 9 guys standing at the door running the train on her at fist all were inthe room until she "YELLED STOP" and I thought man shes calling the cops but she said I cant keep up 2 maybe 3 but thats it I cant breathe and they banged her all night one was a 68 years old father of one of the dudes but she took it till 4am then was dropped off at her fiances house I took her home so she could shower and get all the jizz dried on her face and hair she was completely sober too! and super hott. and she asked if they all want to meet up and go bowling next weekend gotta love how chicks act 2 mths b4 their getting married. so gangape?? huh whats that?? thats a name for victims

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  • the_argus March 1, 2012

    Which one is 2indastink?

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  • thederp March 1, 2012

    true to form, they're always first on the scene. ;0

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  • biggertalk March 1, 2012

    the white boys gang raped her? smdh.

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  •   nh3kid March 1, 2012

    You can never trust the media

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  • ohwickedwendi March 1, 2012

    WEll,...that's always a good way to get people's attention. And shut up, garry, you twatwaffle--I'm surprised you believe we actually care what you think.

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  • badgrim March 1, 2012

    i know the news was trying to fuck with me, but damn there is a line.

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  • mobliz March 2, 2012

    Hey!! NBC Local 15 is out of Mobile, AL! I moved away from there... nice to see the gang rape is still holding on strong

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  • rodeye2 March 2, 2012

    Ya can't gangrape the willing.

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  • nofnof March 2, 2012

    I'll have the twatwaffle with the grape

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  • faceies March 3, 2012

    this 1ST shit has got to stop!!!!!!!!!!

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  • fuhq0420 March 5, 2012

    i fuckin knew it

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