He Really Wants Some Donuts

I know you love donuts, Mr. Piggy, and want to be there right when Habib puts the fresh ones out, but you could be a little more patient. Or is it just that you're too lazy to walk the extra 10 feet from the parking lot?

  • onetime42 March 21, 2012

    Since most of his useless cops friends illegally park in the handicap spots at convenience stores anyway I guess he decided to take it one step further.

  • frankdrebin March 21, 2012

    to protect and serve up insurance claims

  • dreadscott March 21, 2012

    thank you come again

  • numberonefan March 21, 2012

    Cool that this store have a drive in.This is like my backdoor.

  • edrich March 21, 2012

    Must have been a sale for half price donuts

  • lenny9651 March 21, 2012

    damn it bob this is why i told you not to put the radar gun on the coffee and donuts setting

  • onkelmorra March 21, 2012

    Yes!! We made it before closingtime!!

  • drunkard March 21, 2012

    Give me a diablo sandwich, a Dr. Pepper, and make it quick, I'm in a god-damn hurry.

  • rockinron March 21, 2012

    god damn !! the beer is fucking exspensive in virginia!!

  • urinanus March 21, 2012

    ^ass hole its sufolk co. long island its good to see these pricks to fuck up they are such pricks out here on long island N.Y.

  • biggertalk March 21, 2012

    of course the popo drunk.

  • vulture March 21, 2012

    will the cop be chargd with driving without due care a nd attention.....NO

  • ohwickedwendi March 21, 2012

    Fucking Tom Tom!....

  • potrostation March 21, 2012

    Thank God he stopped that skate boarder!

  • sharkkiller1 March 21, 2012

    what the fuck is up with the leaf blower sitting there with no mexican attached to it

  • badgrim March 21, 2012

    really really wanted one of them 7/11 doughnuts

  • handsomedevil March 21, 2012

    i don't know what happened here but i'm sure it had something to do with the two black guys in the back seat.

  • tonkpils420 March 21, 2012

    the 7/11 clerk said i sell u no more donuts and piggy got angry

  • defkon March 22, 2012

    lol at the guy taking a pic of himself and the cop car.

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