The Headless Driver

No wonder she crashed, I mean how can she even drive without a face? With no eyes, there's no way she could have seen that concrete structure coming at her at 80 mph.

  • assclown August 1, 2012

    This is old gore you faggot, get some new stuff.

  • shadowarrior August 1, 2012

    By seeing the brain splatter now i believe women really have pint sized brains

  • unlimitdinches August 1, 2012

    She was prob taking on the phone putting on make up while drinking a latte

  • frankdrebin August 1, 2012

    haha you know it's a she from the first picture

  • jaton August 1, 2012

    What was the last thing going through her mind?

    The kerb

  • spaulding August 1, 2012

    ICAbod, but no head.

  • wickedmule August 1, 2012

    Seen this a while back on another site, girl got into a fight with her dad, and took off, I think. I can't remember how fast they said she was going.

  • tgarner August 1, 2012

    Tylenol is NOT going to fix that headache!

  • frankdrebin August 1, 2012

    if anyone needs a torque converter or a bloody passenger seat for a porsche, now's your chance.

  • ghosthunter August 1, 2012

    Air bags din't do shit to save her life.

  • 2indastink August 1, 2012

    Her plastic surgeon can't fucking wait $$$$$$ cha Ching!!!!!

  • sleeko August 1, 2012

    The cop that posted these pics to the internet, got fired and sued. Old story.

  • vulture August 1, 2012

    what a waste...she just spent £75 on a hair do

  • lenny9651 August 1, 2012

    at least she didn't mess up her hair

  • snaps187 August 1, 2012

    by the looks of this. it happened here in cali. i see a CHP uniform

  • biggertalk August 1, 2012


  • m1009 August 1, 2012

    well at least they brought the right tools for the job, a pair of shovels, won't need the jaws-of-life for this one

  • drunkard August 1, 2012

    What a scatterbrain.

  • rockinron August 1, 2012

    just another brainless bitch that shoulda stayed in the kitchen. women drivers no survivors. no more sammich making for this ginger

  • hickory August 1, 2012

    This is old as my grandma

  • boppalilbit August 1, 2012

    Autopsy report::: Phone in text mode found in lungs

  • potrostation August 1, 2012

    Day time, clear long strait road... hit the only build 10 mile in either direction. Woman driver.

  • cthulu August 1, 2012

    stupid spoiled bitch

  • preferemshaved August 1, 2012

    Yup that's absolutly horrible.

  • nh3kid August 1, 2012

    Kur SpLat! damn ! she prolly didnt feel a thing

  • chimiami August 1, 2012

    Well the wall seemed to hold up well. Looks to be a state facility? Job well done with tax payers money

  • pizzapie August 2, 2012

    Her dad tried to sue to keep these pictures off the internet. She stole daddy's car and was doing about 100mph when she lost control and lost her head

  • rodgtard August 2, 2012

    I wonder what was going thru her mind when she wrecked? Besides the car of course.

  • zealant August 2, 2012

    Women drivers and parallel parking.

  • jphinfan86 August 30, 2012

    Not that anyone will see this as I comment this long after posting, but this photo series was pretty controversial. She was pissed at her father, took the car to do an angry joy ride. She was hauling ass and swerved to miss trucks/traffic and careened into the concrete structure windshield/headfirst. There was a big fight between her family and the public record crowd about releasing them and it was actually done and done before the family could protest.

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