Snakes need toothpicks too!

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that this snake ain't trying to eat this lil African boy. He ain't even got that much meat on him! If anyone can tell me where that quote is from, I'll send you something, seriously. But back to the snake, he must have some wild boar or some other animal that runs around Africa in his teeth, cause the brown boy ain't much of a meal.

  • 2indastink September 1, 2012

    Niggers taste like k.f.c

  • dickhertzalot September 1, 2012

    You gotta love the fact that the guy took a picture rather than help.

  • crazyvet September 1, 2012

    How fucking dumb are you when you are in the desert and you get close enough to a 40 foot snake to let him grab on to you?

  • pizzapie September 1, 2012

    Dark meat has more flavor

  • boppalilbit September 1, 2012

    CRACKER Get this Snake off me!!!

  • shadowarior September 1, 2012

    This snake has a shit fetish must be from japan

  • mccracken September 1, 2012

    Now you know how the white woman feels

  • tonkpils420 September 1, 2012

    monkey down!!!

  • hickory September 1, 2012

    Its George Bush's fault .

  • potrostation September 1, 2012

    Take the pic; then help the kid. Nice.

  • vulture September 1, 2012

    did'nt know they still did a sacrifice to the snake god

  • chupamiverga September 1, 2012

    the snake must have smelled the KFC on him. it'll spit it out when it realizes its not

  • biggertalk September 1, 2012

    Fake as fuck.

  • rockinron September 1, 2012

    spit that out you don't know where its been!!

  • rockinron September 1, 2012

    niglet its whats for diner!

  • rodeye2 September 1, 2012

    This one's to easy to get the ban hammer dropped on me.

  • whiskeysick September 1, 2012

    Jake the Snake Dashante

  • nakednigger September 2, 2012

    Even snakes get desperate

  • dahfuq September 2, 2012

    \"Gummo\" I made a membershit just to tell you that quote was from \"Gummo\" definitely the strangest fuckin movie i have ever watched

  • kenny70452 September 3, 2012

    Tracy and Hepburn "Pat and Mike" movie:

    Tracy's famous line when watching Hepburn walk away ("She ain't got much meat on her...but that she's got is cherce!") Maybe to the snake, the boy is 'cherce' meat.

  • dubjunkee September 3, 2012

    this is what you get for walking a snake.

  • Henry M. September 4, 2012

    Dahfuq, you got it bro. Send an email to me and I'll get you something in the mail.

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