It's A Lovely Day For A Faceplant

It's a great day to spend some time at the beach and an even better day to plant your face in the sand. That's how he gets all the fine ladies in the skimpy bikinis. It works every time.

  • shadowarior September 21, 2012

    He got a nice look at her pussy

  • -disturbed- September 21, 2012

    Keg stand fail. Candy ass was too drunk to hold himself up.

  • rockinron September 21, 2012


  • unlimitdinches September 21, 2012

    I wanna face plant myself between that chicks legs

  • rodeye2 September 21, 2012

    Dumbass broke the tap,feed him to the sharks.

  • frankdrebin September 21, 2012

    let's dig up the keg and stick this party fouler in there

  • biggertalk September 21, 2012

    Did he die?

  • crackerkiller September 21, 2012

    hurry quick, someone kick him in the balls so he won't fill his broken neck pain

  • bigtalk September 21, 2012

    i see he was doing something white you know something stupid

  • celtickhan September 21, 2012

    stop feed ing the fucking seagulls!!!!

  • rockinron September 21, 2012

    the great thing about beaches is, you will never see crackerblower or bigtalk there. those niggas hate being black and can't afford a getting any more tan!!

  • bwooly September 21, 2012

    Ha Ha Ha! Hows that mouth full of sand taste you dumb ass!!

  • ghosthunter September 22, 2012

    That looks kinda painful.

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