Beware of dog!

With AIDS! So if you've already got it, enter at will. Hell, you could even give it to the owner if you like. Sharing is caring and sometimes it can be fun!

  • neospace October 12, 2012

    And the poor dog caught AIDS from biting a nigger who was robbing the place

  • shadowarior October 12, 2012

    Can we still buy niggers??

  • marcodufour October 12, 2012

    Only green monkeys can transfer that or so the RUMOURS go

  • tgarner October 12, 2012

    Kinda hard to picture a queer pit bull, is he limp wristed when you tell him to shake?

  • unlimitdinches October 12, 2012

    I didn't know biggertalk had a job

  • biggertalk October 12, 2012

    dogs can't get aids you cocksmokers.

  • rockinron October 12, 2012

    whats meaner then a pitbull with aids? the nigger that gave it to him!!!

  • bubbacrow October 12, 2012

    u all stupid. the dog is a boston. sign is gay, u are gay. btw 90% of boston owners are gay.

  • d90girl October 12, 2012

    Nice try.....Dogs don't carry Aids and this looks more

    like a Boston Terrier !

  • lmb_psycho October 13, 2012

    funny thing he gave his dog aids & he used no lube

  • angeldreamer October 13, 2012

    Before niggertalk only rape whinos,seems he got a taste for dogs....Sick fuck...

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