Don't Worry He's Good

Nothing to worry about here. He gets blackout drunk every Friday and passes out on the floor of a public bathroom. It's really no big deal. When he wakes up, he doesn't have to go anywhere to puke. Or to get a drink of water. Everything he needs is right in front of him.

  • rockinron October 16, 2012

    he better be god damn it!1 the last plumber i had laid like that for 2 days before i figured out he was dead!

  • tgarner October 16, 2012

    He's good, at what? Sure ain't drinking!

  • d90girl October 16, 2012

    Perfect pose for a chalk outline !!

  • spaulding October 16, 2012

    I hope he doesn't mind me taking a dump in there.

  • biggertalk October 16, 2012

    Is he dead?

  • frankdrebin October 16, 2012

    Sure, he's not even at the sharting stage

  • crazyvet October 16, 2012

    So who got his shirt and shoes?

  • potrostation October 16, 2012

    I see homeless rape in his future.

  • corruptedsob October 16, 2012

    YEA ??? Well guess what Bitches I'm fuck'n drunk too. My wifes pissed at me for Pissing on the bathroom floor and a buch of other shit I can't remember. But I'm still standing (so far)

  • bwooly October 17, 2012

    No shoes so you can't use sharpies. I guess everyone will have to piss on him instead.

  • dozer67 October 18, 2012

    no shirt no shoes no service..

  • monoxide October 18, 2012

    shit dreams

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