Fuck man, that ain't how ya do it!

"In a freak accident, 86-year-old gardener Leroy Luetscher fell face-first onto a pair of pruning shears outside his Phoenix, AZ home in July 2012. And while medical staff were no doubt relieved to discover that Luetscher had not fallen on the garden tool's blades, an X-ray revealed the true extent of the damage: the handle had passed through the man's eye socket, penetrating all the way down to his neck, where it rested on his carotid artery.

During surgery, doctors made incisions beneath Luetscher's right upper lip and in his sinus wall and loosened the handle of the shears with their fingers. Unbelievably, they were able to both prevent further injury and save Luetscher's eye. Four weeks later, he was only suffering minor effects from the accident."

Ain't that some shit?

  • chuck-norris October 28, 2012


  • isnogood October 28, 2012

    x-ray revealed it???? So they didn`t see that thing sticking in his eye before?

  • madhound77 October 28, 2012

    is there an eye theme on today's pics?

  • corruptedsob October 28, 2012

    Don't smoke your own stash when harvesting.

  • mrbacon October 28, 2012

    That's one lucky bastard. Thought for sure he would have lost his eye, but wow

  • m1009 October 28, 2012

    So he was a Cut-above the rest

  • dazzza October 28, 2012

    Double proof she was a no brainer.

  • shadowarior October 28, 2012

    Why leroy was in the garden? He should've been in the farm

  • vulture October 28, 2012

    that xray is a real eyeopener

  • urapnes1701d October 28, 2012

    Shit, you can tell all those teeth are fake too.

  • crazyvet October 28, 2012

    Better get the old man some electric clippers for that nose hair problem.

  • rockinron October 28, 2012

    time to celebrate with some fried chicken and water melon.

  • mobliz October 28, 2012

    he always wanted to be a rhinoceros

  • injun October 28, 2012

    Exactly why I let Mexicans do my yardwork

  • potrostation October 28, 2012

    " Leroy Luetscher fell face-first onto a pair of pruning

    shears" He gave the same answer he gave when they found a gerbil up his ass.

  • lmb_psycho October 28, 2012

    my fucking eye

  • augus1911 October 28, 2012

    The SHEAR pain he must have gone through... ugh...

  • monoxide October 28, 2012

    He had a spade removed from his ass last week

  • biggertalk October 28, 2012


  • mattyc October 29, 2012

    erryone mirin brah?

  • dubjunkee October 29, 2012

    the shears were probably like, fucking retire already, here's a reason.

  • afrika October 29, 2012

    no brain wtf sso its ok doesnt hurt

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