Graveyard's User Moobs

We were doing so good last week too, but it appears this week might not be so hot. Graveyard wanted to share his man boobs with us, and I can't really say we're flattered, but we appreciate the effort. Ladies, send us some titties, please. It's easy to do, just write CS on them and email us pics.

  • graveyard October 29, 2012

    God damn that's sexy!

  • shadowarior October 29, 2012

    Fine example of optimism....he hoping to enter the user tit contest

  • vulture October 29, 2012

    he could have waxed first

  • corruptedsob October 29, 2012

    Which one of you shitheads sent this in ?

  • d90girl October 29, 2012

    yet another WalMart shopper

  • okwhopooped October 29, 2012

    Give this poor hairy fat scmuck a Crazy Shit T-shirt so he can cover his shame and hopefully no one will ever have to see his hairy moobs again!

  • atmydismay October 29, 2012

    You belong in a Victoria's secret catolog dude

  • biggertalk October 29, 2012

    That's a typical CS asshole, I'm assuming cunts like jdilly/hmmm/etc look just lke that.

  • bigtalk October 29, 2012

    cracker bait

  • dazzza October 29, 2012

    ^ says Mr masterbate

  • assmasterson October 29, 2012

    Bitch needs implants and electrolysis.

  • potrostation October 29, 2012


  • mr_yuck October 29, 2012

    And there we have it! PROOF Faglighter is a pole-smoking, woman-hating, ass goblin. Not a peep from him on this disaster. since Lightfag won't step up, i must oblidge. Dude, your shit looks like about 300 pounds of half-chewed buffalo fat. You have no concept of hygene at all with your nasty hairy moobs. You take this disgusting pic of your walrus ass and send it in hoping other members of you and Faglighter's beloved NAMBLA would see it. You can all get together and start shaking hands with beef for all I care. NOT HERE, PAL. You're disgusting you sick fuck. Next time cover it ALL with a mask and don't bother sending it.

  • graveyard October 29, 2012

    ^^^Someone got a hardon looking at my sexy body...GET IN MY BELLY! So you shave your moobs huh?

  • twistedreamz October 30, 2012

    aww lightfighter finally came out front and decided to share his not so amazing hairy nipped titties :)what a fatso.

  • urapnes1701d October 30, 2012

    Graveyard:, Umm...... thanks? :-/

  • tonkpils420 October 30, 2012

    paris hilton has let herself go

  • rockinron October 30, 2012

    well i would give him a 2 /10 but i can't because he's wearing a skelator mask and not a heman mask. 1/10 from me.

  • gofkurself October 31, 2012

    get a job dude.

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