Yeah! Merica! Fuck yeah! Clearly photoshopped, but funny nonetheless. Enjoy your Sunday bitches!

  • 2indastink November 4, 2012

    United States of Cunts.

  • sirfartsalot November 4, 2012

    So funny I forgot to laugh.

  • urapnes1701d November 4, 2012

    If tomorrow all the things were gone,

    I’d worked for all my life.

    And I had to start again,

    with just my children and my wife.

    I’d thank my lucky stars,

    to be livin here today.

    ‘ Cause the flag still stands for freedom,

    and they can’t take that away.

    And I’m proud to be an American,

    where at least I know I’m free.

    And I wont forget the men who died,

    who gave that right to me.

    And I gladly stand up,

    next to you and defend her still today.

    ‘ Cause there ain’t no doubt I love this land,

    God bless the USA.

  • boofano November 4, 2012


  • corruptedsob November 4, 2012

    Looks like he paid his taxes

  • boofano November 4, 2012

    coon ass

  • shadowarior November 4, 2012

    An excellent portrayal of the government

  • pizzapie November 4, 2012

    ribbed for his pleasure

  • t0mmy November 4, 2012

    you guys act like you never shoved anything in your ass before

  • rockinron November 4, 2012

    From the lakes of Minnesota

    to the hills of Tennessee,

    Across the plains of Texas

    from sea to shining sea.

    From Detroit down to Houston

    and New York to L.A.,

    well There's pride in every American heart

    and it's time we stand and say:

    that I'm proud to be an American

    where at least I know I'm free,

    And I won't forget the ones who died

    who gave that right to me,

    And I gladly stand up next to you

    and defend her still today,

    'Cause there ain't no doubt I love this land

    God Bless the U.S.A.

  • spaulding November 4, 2012

    Even in death, America will still find a way to fuck you.

  • biggertalk November 4, 2012

    MURIKKKAAAAA! hmmm is already crying over facing the facts on Tuesday.

  • dazzza November 4, 2012

    One small step for man.....never mind.

  • number1dnvrfan November 4, 2012

    Brazilian prison riot, one of a number of inmates killed, burned and this one with a stick up his ass. I've seen this picture before. They only added an American flat to the pole.

  • potrostation November 4, 2012

    But don't you dare show a pic of Mohamed!

  • stevenh915 November 4, 2012

    that wont win votes guys. .

  • jacob_5454 November 4, 2012


  • urapnes1701d November 4, 2012

    @ Rockinron: Thanks for completing the song.

  • d90girl November 5, 2012

    OBAMA !!??

  • bwooly November 5, 2012

    Awww! Now Satan can't fuck him in the ass when he gets to hell!

  • cyi3eri3ully November 6, 2012

    Well at least they didnt steal his freedom

  • yomammasass November 7, 2012

    That's how I like my niggers -- patriotic and crispy!!

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