Now this, this is heaven!

Damn these hoes are fine. That's the kind of line everyman dreams to wake up to making him breakfast! Fuck yeah! And they ski and drink? Good times to be had by all! Good bless em!

  • frankdrebin November 11, 2012

    that's not the snow i thought sluts like

  • rimjobber November 11, 2012

    I hope there is a cock somewhere in those outfits.

  • number1dnvrfan November 11, 2012

    ^^ Now, why would you want that?

  • rimjobber November 11, 2012

    Because you could fuck that fine thing until the cows come home and not worry about it getting preggers...and threatening your married ass with paternity!

  • phuket_3ways November 11, 2012

    OK OK GUYS.... Who wants REEFERS....

  • 2indastink November 11, 2012

    You really jut said that Alcohol is better than weed, oh my god. You're so fucking wrong! Alcohol can become an addiction, it causes so many deaths per year whether it be from liver failure, to drunk drivers getting into horrible car wrecks. Look up how many people have died from smoking marijuana. You'll see that the answer has and will always be 0. The only reason that the cannabis plant became illegal is because the drug was a booming business.

  • rockinron November 11, 2012

    if i had coke ankle deep in my back yard these chicks would be there too!!

  • the_aristocrat November 11, 2012

    Alright where is the real 2inda cause this one is making way too much sense.

  • biggertalk November 11, 2012

    All dudes!

  • invisus November 11, 2012

    I want to motorboat all of those!!!

  • crazyvet November 11, 2012

    World class ass team!

  • m1009 November 11, 2012

    If that's the emergency response team, then i am surely planning on wiping out alot

  • anomalous November 11, 2012

    I just married the one in the middle...then the one on the left...then the one on the right...aww fuck it! They're all my wife...

  • potrostation November 11, 2012

    Reef-her sweet!

  • corruptedsob November 11, 2012

    Adam would eat em

  • urapnes1701d November 12, 2012

    Im trying to psychically get them all pregnant right now. Ohmmmm... Ohmmmmmm... Ohmmm...

  • unlimitdinches November 12, 2012

    I have a new screen saver

  • rodeye2 November 12, 2012

    The air is thin up here but them asses are thick.

  • black1lion November 12, 2012

    Nice asses for dirty white cave monkeys. They must of had to look all over the world to find nice asses on a wet dog smelling honkey.

  • mattyc November 12, 2012

    2inda never got the vip he was promised. lame.

  • jesse69 November 12, 2012

    damn, I can't decide which one I like the best. They all have great legs too.

  • vulture November 12, 2012

    i'll take the 2nd from the left and you can fight over the rest

  • d90girl November 12, 2012

    nice ASSembly

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