Pointy Nip User Boobs

Check out the pointy nips on these user boobs. I thought they were about to poke my eyes when I opened the file. Thanks for sending those titties in for us. If you have boobs, ladies, we want to see them, so write CS on and send them our way.

  • 2indastink November 12, 2012

    gravity can be a cruel beast in later life.

  • 2indastink November 12, 2012

    .....but at least your feet will be warm.

  • tgarner November 12, 2012

    Must be a little chilly there!

  • whiskeysick November 12, 2012

    Where's the user boobs of my wife i sent in Friday night? Ftw...

  • biggertalk November 12, 2012

    ^ Are they worthy?

  • vulture November 12, 2012

    you could hang your coat on them

  • bigtalk November 12, 2012

    your nipples look like there trying to hitchhike

  • pizzapie November 12, 2012

    I would be all over these fun bags

  • unlimitdinches November 12, 2012

    Nice set of tits and nips. Thanks for sharing

  • crazyvet November 12, 2012

    They look very inviting and in need of farther attention. Thank you.

  • thatguyed November 12, 2012

    Not bad

  • corruptedsob November 12, 2012

    Very nice.

  • gunz November 12, 2012

    nice tits! don't listen to the faggots critisizing them. they can't help themselves they've never seen a naked girl in real life and they prefer men anyhow from the looks at some comments i see

  • lightfighter November 12, 2012

    Well, well, well....Another fine example of a goddamn fat whore. What the fuck is that shit tattooed on the side of your udder? Little Johnny down the road wanna try his hand at slinging some ink with a safety pin? Your saggy tits are obvious. Your fat ass arms give it away though. What are you 40? Your tits not only sag, they are cock-eyed. Your nips point out. You must have retard nips. Fat ass Down's syndrome hero a derp tits. I'm glad your shirt is hiding that whale gut with rolls. I might vomit if I saw your stretchmarked, wobbly, cottage cheese gut. You're one nasty whore. I bet your man thinks he has a catch. Sadly, he is fucking dumber than you. You think you're attractive, but he knows it. You both are fucking stupid and I'm sure like you he is a fat fucking slob too.

  • darkwestern November 12, 2012

    ^^^ It's the Blair Witch logo thingie

  • rockinron November 12, 2012

    atleast she labeled them right. C= crappy S= shitty.

  • biggertalk November 12, 2012

    lightfighter knocks another one out of the park!

  • eltrut November 12, 2012

    What lightfighter said...

  • potrostation November 12, 2012

    Nice ear warmers.

  • sirfartsalot November 12, 2012

    Don't listen to the fuck nuts lady. Your titties are fucking marvelous!

  • addictedtothc November 12, 2012

    I'd have to put my safety goggles on before motor-boating them fun bags.

  • clunt November 12, 2012

    Most of the guys talking shit about yout tits/nips here would pay to bury there tongue so far up your ass... everytime you farted they would burp.

  • murphy56 December 13, 2012

    10 play all day with those !!

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