USMC Loves Bush


  • niles549822001 June 2, 2006

    Now, this picture is proof that people in this world are offended by facts! A full endorsement of Bush's biggest mistake! No weapon's of mass distruction, should have pulled out! Close to 30,000 people died so far. And to this day not even Bush knows why we're still there! We stayed and matters got worse!! Some Bush supporters say Bush is a Hero, O.K., fine, Hero's take lives, villans saves lives. (I'm missing something here.)

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  • xantradorn January 20, 2008

    partisan murdering faggots stick that M-something up yer foxy-holes

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  • gorthaur July 2, 2008

    Fuck fascist Bush, go Michael Moore!

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  • xcookiesx April 11, 2009


    get em back home to their families

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  • bennyhanna June 5, 2010

    Bush was MUCH better than what we have now. Michael Moore should move out of America if he hates it so much!!

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