Fire Crotch For The Birthday Boy

When the birthday boy finds his dick, he's going to light it on fire. He's got a lot of built up hate against that micro penis for all the shame it's brought him throughout his life. Finally he will get some payback.

  • tgarner November 16, 2012

    I've seen clits bigger than that!

  • corruptedsob November 16, 2012

    Make a wish and blow yourself out you fuckin pathetic retarded loser .

  • elitenoob November 16, 2012

    Only time he ever feels some heat down there

  • sirfartsalot November 16, 2012

    Bigtalk finally found his dick!

  • frankdrebin November 16, 2012

    "hold up, let me get some light on it and maybe you can see it too"

  • sparkles November 16, 2012

    I think he's lookinfor crabs!!!

  • mobliz November 16, 2012

    he'll be a birthday girl next year

  • biggertalk November 16, 2012

    I just flinched.

  • hickory November 16, 2012

    Its could be normal size, the other few inches are under 6 inches of fat.

  • wickedmule November 16, 2012

    That's how he shaves, if he were to use a razor, he'd cut the tiny thing off!

  • wickedmule November 16, 2012

    If he would lose some weight, he may get a dick, they say for every 35lbs you lose, you gain an inch in dick? :/

  • crazyvet November 16, 2012

    He has the dickeydo disease. His fat fucking belly sticks out farther than his dickey do.

  • psaphier November 16, 2012

    Those guys at Pawn Stars really fucked with Chumlee bad on his bday!

  • unlimitdinches November 16, 2012

    Ive never felt so huge in my life

  • happyjack November 16, 2012

    I thought it was going to be one of those "Would You Hit It" pics, then I figured out that it's actually a man. No matter what he does in life, how much money or education or anything he acheives, at the end of the day he's got a dick like a preschooler. That's pretty fucked up!

  • phuket_3ways November 16, 2012


  • spazman November 16, 2012

    Well, This explains why some dudes piss all over the fucking toilet.

  • mrpoop November 16, 2012

    hitchcock does not approve

  • boobles November 16, 2012

    This is so sad to me...this is just a Billy-No-Mates being egged on at a party to set his micro-penis on fire for everyones entertainment, and the sad pleb is doing it because ot brings him momentary relief from his lonely existance and hopes it will buy him friends...

  • dozer67 November 16, 2012

    "it's his birth day and he'll burn his croch if he whant's too!"

  • floorlayer4200 November 16, 2012

    Think he's gonna need something a lil bigger to make shadow puppets

  • potrostation November 16, 2012

    A forest fire couldn't make tiny look bigger.

  • rockinron November 16, 2012

    if you itch and are in doudt use some fire to drive the crabs out!!

  • tuffey November 16, 2012

    Wrong on so many levels.....

  • tonkpils420 November 17, 2012

    satan followers are followers for a reason and his is he cant find his dick

  • jesse69 November 17, 2012

    He's a half inch away from having no dick at all.

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